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It can be tough to keep children entertained...especially when a pandemic is keeping everyone indoors. That’s why when there’s an opportunity to celebrate — like a birthday — we work to go all out! However, this means that you’ll need to pull all the stops and make the next event memorable. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out

Putting on shows, having an arts and crafts area, and playing games can help! You can make it even more fun by throwing face painting into the mix! We put together some of our favorite ideas — perfect for any festive occasion:

1. Furry friends

Let’s start with animals! From tigers and lions to bears and deer, there are countless fury options you can try! Children often use this opportunity to look like the animal they like the most (hopefully they pick an easy one to draw..). 

2. Pirates

Ready to explore the deep sea? Painting your face like a pirate guarantees adventure! Try painting some accessories on their face. An eyepatch, facial hair, and a bandana should do the trick. Watch them become a swashbuckling rogue as you complete their costume with pirate face paint! 

3. Skeletons and ghouls

Are your children looking for a spooooky theme? If so, get the white face paint ready — it’s time to paint skeletons and ghosts! 

If they don't like the plain-white-skull look, you can add some color to the face paint. Make a rainbow skeleton skull to make it look amazing, too! 

4. Dinosaur party

Like pirates, dinosaurs are always a go-to. When they’re not reading about dinosaurs, they’re acting like them! We just wish they’d act like the veggie loving dinos and eat their greens..  

Either way, fulfill their t-rex dreams by painting them as their favorite dinosaur. Paint on the scales, teeth, and even horns! You can also go the cartoony route and use bright, whole colors. This is easier and can help you copy a dinosaur that your children may have seen in an Internet show.

5. Minions

Ever since the release of Despicable Me, the world has gone crazy for minions. This party will be all but despicable, though, when you paint these on your children's face! 

Get creative with this option! You can paint one big minion on their face, or you can paint many small ones all over (depending on your artistic ability..). Try painting one big eye and have your child wear a costume to complete the look, instead. 

6. Comic book superheroes

Who doesn't want to be like the superheroes they see in the movies? Children are full of wonder and imagination, which means they’ll stop at nothing to be like them. 

Which hero do they idolize most? Once you find out, check out the comic books they read for references. Doing this right will make them fall in love with the person they become during the party!

7. Shark face painting

We hope you’re good at drawing aquatic creatures – and if not, it’s time to learn! A shark is a great face painting option because if the drawing goes south you can just turn your little one’s face into a member of the Blue Man group. Easy peasy. 

8. Frozen characters

Like Despicable Me, Frozen has been a hit for what feels like foreverrrr! Give your children a choice between Elsa, Anna, or Olaf and make their birthday party embrace that Disney energy. Hey can play let it go again for the 10th time today.

9. Sunset backdrops

Can’t think of a character to come up with? When in doubt, get out that yellow face paint and draw the sun! Careful here...if you go too yellow, you’ll be in lemon territory. You’ve been warned! 

10. Full-face clown paintings

We’re here to restore clown face paint to society. When did they become so scary? Clowns are supposed to be fun and silly! At your next face painting party, try giving this a shot. 

What's great about this direction is that it's hard to mess it up. No matter what you do, as long as you match both sides of the face it’ll look intentional! 

Use these face paint ideas today!

Don't settle for any party that's only half fun. Push it to the limit by using these face paint ideas to make a colorful splash! Explore all the craft projects we have to offer for your home projects and parties! If you're ready for an art activity, discover the best in-person and virtual art classes around.

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