The new year is around the corner...are you ready to kiss 2020 goodbye? We sure are. But first, we need a proper countdown! Here are 10 great ways to celebrate the calendar turning over to 2021 with your family.

10. Check it off

Round out Christmas “break” by taking the time to do the things you said you were going to do with your kiddos, but haven’t gotten around to for whatever reason. That could mean hiding your phone from yourself and finishing the Monopoly game you started on Christmas Eve, or finally doing one of these cool classes such as hip hop dance, Lego engineering, or nail art. 

9. Physical challenge

Get active. It’s a winner every time. Some venues may be closed due to Covid, but that rarely includes hiking trails. Do a scavenger hunt, or activity checklist that adds up to 2021 actions, like combinations of jumping jacks, swings of a bat, twirls in the driveway…. If the kids are older, hit up a nearby ski slope, even if it's just for snow tubing! 

8. Play dress up 

Put on the party clothes you didn’t wear this holiday season and get the legos off the dining table. Set the table, make a feast (or order Chinese takeout) and pull out all the stops: stemware, place cards, and background music. If you have little ones who don’t think dress up clothes are fun, let them wear their favorite princess or superhero costume. It will be so fun to see who shows up to dinner with the grownups. Whatever attire you decide on, pair that idea with the next one: 

7. Photo booth 

Set up a backdrop and props. Find that selfie stick from a few years ago and pair it with your new ring light. This appeals to all ages, and you can send the photos to the new streaming picture frame you gave to the grandparents you haven’t seen in ten months.

6. Sleep it off

We don’t mean this in the same way you felt it in your college days. If you have itty bitties and you don’t get enough sleep these days, don’t feel bad for a second about turning the family fancy feast into a pajama party, or just ignoring the whole thing and throwing back a couple of melatonin with a glass of sparkling water. 

5. Test the fates 

Try and predict your fortunes in the new year. You can go crystal ball, palm reading, magic eight ball, tea leaves, or our personal favorite, scratch off lotto cards! After all, somebody’s gotta win….might as well be you. 

4. Noon Year’s Eve 

Countdown to the other 12. Sometimes, this is a local event at places, like children’s museums, but this year, you can make it virtual. Save your wrapping paper and make it into confetti the day before, and don’t forget the noisemakers! If you have a tall entry hall, do your countdown in there and dump a big garbage bag of balloons down from the top when the clock strikes noon. When the balls have all dropped, turn it into a full fledged dance party.

3. Resolve to have more fun in 2021

Have the fam gather round to declare what they are going to personally work on in the New Year. Setting one attainable family goal is great too. Then, have each member of the household pick a place to go or an activity to do that as soon as we’re back to the status quo. 

2. Get fired up

Mark the occasion by sending up paper lanterns. They are just pretty and’s kind of like releasing your energy and hopes into the atmosphere (even though it’s actually releasing a potential forest fire, so definitely check the environmental conditions and your city’s policies about these.) Or, have a bonfire. If your crew is feeling extra pent up, have each individual write their most frustrating COVID cancellation on pieces of paper and drop them into the fire. Don’t forget the smores board. (Is anything really 2020 without a snack board?)

1. Fake it til’ you make it! 

Everyone loves a mocktail. Bubbles make people happy! SO, get old fashioned soda in bottles, funky flavors, butterbeer, or what have you!  All may not be cured at the stroke of midnight this year, so no judgement if your mocktail is fully loaded. Cheers to normalcy and having tons of family fun in 2021! 

Oh right, we almost forgot...happy new year!

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