It's the most wonderful time of the year, and no, we aren't talking about Christmas. We're talking about your little one's birthday. Birthdays are a time to come together with family and friends to celebrate turning one year older (and hopefully one year wiser!).

But, as your child's birthday creeps closer, you may be stressing yourself trying to figure out what the theme of their birthday party should be — especially during a time when birthdays need to feel special! 

So whether you’re planning on hosting a virtual party or in-person, below you're going to find some party themes that are out of this world. Not only will your children love it, but it's going to be a party they will never forget.


1. Pancake pajama party

Who isn't a fan of a heaping stack of pancakes? Especially when those pancakes can be decorated with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. If your child is a fan of overnight slumber parties, then the pancake pajama party is the perfect theme for this year's birthday festivities.

Help your child create pancake themed invitations inviting everyone over to the slumber party — or keep the party virtual if that’s safest! Before the party, take the time to collect all of your child's favorite pancake toppings and pancake mix and get ready to turn out the flapjacks.

2. Space cadets

There's something about space and all the wonders it holds that captivates the attention of children everywhere. And this is why a space cadet party will be one of the best party themes yet.

There are tons of activities the children can partake in during the party, including creating their own space helmets. And you can take the time to create space-themed treats to go along with the décor and theme of the party.

3. 90s disco party

Grab your bell-bottom pants and get ready to get groovy with a 90s disco theme. Children love dancing, and they love bright colors; therefore, it's only right that this is the theme of your little one's next birthday party.

The best part of having a 90s disco themed party is that there are so many types of inspiration for costumes; the memories and photos from this event will be out of sight.

4. Under the sea

An under the sea theme is the perfect theme for kids that enjoy life under the water. It's just what you've been looking for when taking a pool party to the next level.

You can play games that include walking like a crab and racing each other from one end of the party area to the other. Or the children can sit and create under the sea crafts that will float no matter what they put inside of them.

5. The most magical place on earth

Just because you can't take your children on vacation to Disney World for their birthday every year doesn't mean you can't bring the magic to them. All it takes is some careful decoration, choosing to turn your home into the Walt Disney Kingdom they see on television — maybe even some princess classes?

And of course, don't forget to get some things that remind them of Disney's main characters, including Minnie, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and more. When your little one sees what you've done with them, get ready to watch the fireworks because they're going to have the time of their lives.

6. Pokémon themed

Kids are into games that they can play using any kind of technology. Pokémon Go is one of the new games that children love to play; it's no wonder you selected a Pokémon themed party.

But, take the game from the phones and place it in your backyard or local park. Provide the kids with Pokémon clues to find cutouts of Pokémon hidden all over the yard. The child that catches the most Pokémon will win some kind of prize at the end of the game.

7. Carnival theme

Carnival themes have so many parts it's going to be impossible for each child at the party to not have something to do. You could take the time to hire a petting zoo as a part of the party, and depending on the zoo you hire, they can provide llamas and goats for the children.

The party can also incorporate treats that include cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs. Your child and their friends will have so much fun playing all the games that you've got lined up for them. It's going to feel like they attended the county fair.

8. Bubble Bonanza

What child doesn't enjoy blowing and popping bubbles? Children love anything that has to do with bubbles, and this is why a bubble party is one of the best ideas that you could possibly have when it comes to your child's birthday party.

You can use a bubble machine to constantly blow bubbles during the party — or make them from scratch! And you can get bubble blowers that blow bubbles in all shapes and colors. 


Party themes: making each birthday special

When you're looking for party themes for your child's next birthday, the number of ideas that come to mind can be overwhelming. While we provided you with some of our top choices, we know the list can go on and on!

After you've decided on the party theme for your child's party, next is planning the activities for the party. If you're not sure what activities to have at the party, reach out to us at @hellosawyer! We've got tons of activities that your little ones and their friends are sure to enjoy.

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