The holiday season is here! The temperature is we’ll be staying inside more. We get it — sometimes normal toys and crafts can get a bit boring. Shake up your New Year festivities and introduce these fun new crafts and projects! 

Crafts for ages 0-3:

1. New Year Clock

It’s just like the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey'' but with a New Year’s twist. Everyone gets a turn to pin the hand on the clock. Whoever gets the closest to midnight wins!

2. Glitter bubble wands

Use some glitter pipe cleaners and twist them into fun shapes, like a star or a heart. Let your little ones use the pipe cleaners as bubble wands and watch them joyfully blow glitter bubbles until midnight!

3. Pasta bracelets 

Use some uncooked pasta to make fancy jewelry for your New Year’s party. All you need is some paint and glitter. String the pasta on some elastic and your children will be ready to dance the night away. Check out more craft projects for toddlers here!

Crafts for ages 4-7:

4. Balloon clock

Have your children help you blow up twelve balloons and number them 1 - 12. Tape the balloons up on an empty wall to make a huge balloon clock for your New Year’s celebration. For even more fun, let the children pop the appropriate balloon as it reaches that hour!

5. Origami star 

Origami is a delicate art form that teaches dedication and patience. Sit down with your children, talk to them about origami, and work together to make origami stars as decorations. We love this as a family activity (helllllo new mantle decorations!). Learn more about origami here!

6. Pinata

There is nothing children love more than breaking open a pinata and having candy and prizes rain down. So make their New Year’s wishes come true with a star pinata and plastic bat. 

Crafts for ages 8-11:

7. Slime 

Children love to spend their time playing with slime — it’s always the messiest stuff that’s the most fun! With that in mind, how about making some New Year’s themed slime? Follow these simple instructions for slime that isn’t sticky. Make is special by adding fun colors and glitter.

8. Word search

When it’s time to wind down, challenge your children to a fun word search. There are plenty of free printables online

9. Glow in the dark ring toss

Put some glow in the dark tape on six bottles and place them in a pyramid. Give each child a glow stick twisted into a ring and turn out the lights. Let each child take turns tossing their ring. This will soon become a party favorite!

Crafts for ages 11+:

10. Confetti launchers

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating at the stroke of midnight. Let your older children make these fun confetti launchers to shoot off as we move into 2021!

11. Happy New Year Garland

Decorations are a great way to keep your older children focused and entertained. Have them make a “Happy New Year” garland to tape on the mantle. All you need is some thin rope, construction paper, and some other standard craft supplies. 

12. Mason jar centerpiece: link to sawyer page

Fill mason jars with trinkets and confetti to make cool New Year’s themed centerpieces. Let them get creative and challenge them to a competition for the most creative centerpiece. Check this out for more holiday centerpiece ideas for children!

With all of these fun and exciting crafts, you will be in for a great New Year. If you are looking for even more holiday-themed fun for kids, try these holiday classes!

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