It’s never too early to start planning your April Fools — we can tell you that, from experience, the best jokes take time to plan! If you and your children are looking for something fun to do this April, but want to keep it safe, then you might need some inspiration. In that case, we’ve got you covered. Check out 8 fun April Fools' jokes for kids you can enjoy with the whole family.

1. Frozen cereal

Mmmmm nothing is better than your morning cereal...or, so you thought! You'll want to prepare for this the night before. Pour some cereal and milk into a bowl and put it in the freezer overnight.

In the morning, when your little ones come down for breakfast, place these bowls in front of them. Watch in delight as they try to dig in, but to no avail.

Of course, you should have their real breakfast (or lunch) on standby so they don't go to school empty-bellied!

2. Dinner for breakfast, breakfast for dinner

You can either do this prank instead of the cereal option, or have it follow: dealer's choice. 

Shake things up a bit by serving up your children dinner for breakfast. Whether it's chicken nuggets, tacos, spaghetti, or another favorite dinner of theirs, give them a healthy serving on a plate!

This harmless prank can be quite funny, especially if you continue it into the night. At dinnertime, feel free to serve up some pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages, or other breakfast food.

This is one of the best April Fools' jokes for kids to turn their world upside-down for a day! 


3. Googly eyes

If you're looking for quick and easy April Fools' jokes for kids, then this is the option for you. Necessary tools? A ton of googly eyes — then go crazy with them!

Tag everything you can get your hands on. This includes your children’s clothes, shoes, books, backpacks, lunchboxes (and everything inside), beds, walls, etc.The more, the better. That way, your little ones will be finding these googly eyes all throughout the day.

We know this might make for a big cleanup, but oh boy is it worth it.

4. Jello Juice

Do your little ones drink a lot of juice? Then this is one you definitely need to try.

The night before you prank your children (after they've gone to bed), make a few cups of Jello "juice". Make sure you insert a straw into the cup before the Jello sets.

The next day, when they ask for some juice, just casually grab a cup from the fridge and hand it to them. Who knew taking a slurp of jello could be so funny. Of course, this joke is dependent on having a child that loves juice!

The best thing about this April Fools' joke for kids is they get a tasty treat, so nothing goes to waste.

5. Funky water

Maybe you’re looking to get your kids involved in a joke? That would make things a bit more balanced — after all, you can’t just prank them. This prank can work quite well if they have other siblings or family members they can trick with some funky water.

Pour some food coloring into a small cup and give your child a Q-tip. Have them dab it in the food coloring and then rub it around the inside of your home's faucets.

The next time someone goes to turn on the taps, some strange looking water will come out!

6. Bubble wrap

While your children are out of their room, take some time to bubble wrap everything. Oh yes, we mean everything.  Don't be afraid to go crazy either. If you have the time, wrap up each individual book on their bookshelf. Okay, we know you probably don’t have that much time — but hey, we want you to have the opprtunity to at least try!

When they come home, act like everything is normal, as if you forgot it was April Fools' Day. Go about your business, and just wait for the screams coming from their bedrooms when they realize what you've done!

7. Underwear swap

This is another prank you can carry out while your little ones are asleep or away.

Go through their underwear drawer, grab everything, then swap it with someone else's. Whether it's yours, your partner’s, or a sibling's, make sure they're different enough so your children know right away something's wrong when they pull open their drawer.

To make it a grander gag, swap everyone's underwear! It'll be a hoot to see everyone throwing around undies, trying to sort out which one belongs to them.


Try these April Fools' jokes for kids

After reading this, we hope you have a jump on ideas for April Fools’. While playing pranks on that day is fun, it’s always fun to play pranks! So if you’re feeling inspired to try one of these options before April, best of luck! Not only can it be a fun bonding experience, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to show your little ones how to have fun — and we promise, no tears are involved with these pranks. 

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