Snow is falling, Mariah Carey is probably on repeat, and there's the scent of cookies and holiday spice in the air. Christmas is right around the corner, which means the seasonal cheer and holiday magic are here to stay. 

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to enjoy some holiday-themed crafts? Make the little ones excited for Christmas and maybe start a new tradition this year. Get crafting with these 15 DIY Christmas tree ideas the kids will love!

1. Spoon full of cheer

Have some extra plastic cutlery no one knows what to do with? How about using the leftovers to make the next Christmas tree! Cut off the bowl part of the spoon and spray paint them before gluing the pieces together in the shape of a tree.

You can use a traditional shade of green or use bright colors and metallics.

2. Ribbon and blues

A pretty ribbon isn't only for neatly wrapped gifts. Use ribbon to create a cute, textured tabletop tree. Stack funnels on top of each other or use a craft cone as a base for the tree. Wrap the ribbon around the base and secure it with hot glue.

Have fun with the ribbon color, texture, and pattern to create trees unique to the season. 

3. Ornaments and bulbs

Fun, colorful bulbs are one the best parts of decorating a Christmas tree. If there are extra bulbs lying around, why not put them together to create a unique tree. Make it look even more realistic with a DIY Christmas tree stand.

Create a tree stand out of household materials like coffee canisters or cookie tins. Or get a little craftier with a weighted burlap stand.

4. All tassel no hassle

Add texture to the holiday season with this unique Christmas tree craft. Start by making tassels out of yarn or twine. Choose fun colors in a Christmas-themed palette. 

String the tassels together with an invisible fishing line. Chicken wire in the shape of a cone will be a great base to hang the tassels.

5. Get twiggy with it

Bring the natural look inside this Christmas with a DIY Christmas tree made out of twigs. Make the tree even more personal by gathering your materials while going on a winter nature walk.

Layer by layer, stack the twigs in a natural formation and use hot glue to secure them. Continue the process until the tree is full and at the desired height. Optional decorating can include painting snow or charms for ornaments.

6. Moss and roll

Love the look of a live tree but want to mix it up with something smaller? A moss topiary might be the Christmas decor that's been missing. Buy preserved moss from a local craft store to get started.

Use a styrofoam cone as the base and hot glue the moss, so it covers all areas of the cone. Ribbon acts as a great way to dress up the tree. Or brighten up with small, battery-powered string lights.

7. Glitter and snow

Fan of the shinier things in life? Then it's time to go for the glitter. This is a DIY Christmas tree the little ones are sure to love. Start with a foam tree cone as the base for this Christmas craft.

Paint the cone with ModPodge before covering the cone in glitter. Make the trees unique by mixing different colors and sizes of glitter.

8. Have yourself a minimal little Christmas

There is a DIY wooden Christmas tree that can fit in with every decor. Perfect home interiors that are modern and minimalist; these little trees make great accents for your home. Buy thin sheets of balsa wood from a craft store and cut them into triangles.

Use wood glue to secure the pieces together. In a minimalist color scheme, paint color block designs on the panels of the tree.

9. Pine and dandy

Another way to bring nature into Christmas decor is with a DIY pine cone tree. These cute pieces from nature will add texture and interest to any holiday arrangement. Collect these from the backyard or on a nature walk to gather supplies.

Dust them lightly with white paint to create a snowy look before gluing them together in the shape of a Christmas tree.

10. Evergreen origami

Here's a fun project to spend the afternoon together with kids of all ages. There are lots of ways to fold paper together to make origami Christmas trees. Put on a classic holiday movie or blast some Christmas carol favorites and try them all.

Required materials are simple: a lot of green paper. Also, if you have the itch for more origami, we’ve got you covered.

11. Music for the eyes

One of the best parts of Christmas is all the catchy songs everyone wants to sing along to. Use these season favorites to inspire the next DIY the kids are sure to love! Find Christmas sheet music at a music store.

Cut the sheet music into strips and use mod podge to attach the strips to a cone base in a way that resembles fringe. 

12. String up the lights

Trying to save room this holiday season? Skip the tree and save the lights. Since twinkling lights are often the favorite part of any holiday season, make them the centerpiece of a DIY tree.

Wrap string lights around a wire before shaping the wire in a spiral tree shape. Make the tree extra unique by displaying it suspended from the ceiling.

13. Pa rum pum pom-pom

There's something so fun about pom-poms — I mean, everyone loves them, right? They're an easy DIY to make with a few skeins of yarn. Start by making a ton of pop-poms in your desired color scheme.

Glue them to a piece of construction paper in the shape of a tree to create wall decor. Or use a craft cone to make a standup pom-pom Christmas tree.

14. Deck the walls

A holiday take on the gallery wall, create a collage of family photos and holiday trinkets. This is a great activity for the entire family to enjoy a day together. Use a mix of pictures in fun frames, mismatched ornaments, and letters to spell out words.

This fun and eclectic method will be perfect for anyone trying to save space or wanting a personal touch to their tree.

15. An advent tree

An advent calendar is a classic for the season, so why not combine that with a Christmas tree. There are so many ways to create a DIY wall Christmas tree, so finding one that the little ones love won't be a problem.

Small wrapped gift boxes, hanging ornaments, or felt panels are just some of the options that would make a great advent tree. Fill each space with little treats and toys to build excitement every day.  

Create holiday cheer with a DIY Christmas tree

The holiday season is full of magic and fun. And one of the best parts of the season is making memories with the family. Make the lead up to Christmas even more exciting by involving the little ones in some fun seasonal crafts.

You can create holiday cheer with any of these DIY Christmas tree ideas or some of our other favorite Christmas activities for kids. These crafts are an easy way to add holiday decor to the home and create new traditions the whole family will love.

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