The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and we’re preparing for our children to start getting bored while stuck inside. It’s an age old inevitable reality of the colder months. Typically we’d brace for the standard “I’m bored — what is there to doooo?”, but this year is going to be different...this year we have plans! Fear not, because we have you covered too. From classic board games to groovy dance parties, we rounded up some of our favorite indoor games and activities to keep the little ones occupied this winter. 

Best indoor games for children

1. Playing Cards

An inexpensive deck of cards can keep the children entertained for hours on end. For the younger children, Go Fish and Uno are always good choices. Teach the older children how to play rummy or spades and they could have a new favorite activity. 

2. Board games

Playing a board game is always an entertaining way to pass the time. Children love classics like Candy Land, Checkers, and Sorry. There’s  always Monopoly if you have three hours to spare.. 

3. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a fun way to burn some energy for the little ones. It can also be extremely entertaining to play with a toddler. Wait...on second thought, you may want to keep one eye open so you can keep an eye on where they crawl.

4. Chess

For the older, more competitive children, chess is an excellent way to keep them occupied. The strategic game  teaches patience, life-lessons, and focus. Read more about the benefits of chess!

5. Charades

Write down common words and phrases on pieces of paper. Put them in a bowl and have the first player draw. The player then must act out the word or phrase they draw while the team guesses. Assigning one word movies like Titanic or Avatar always makes for a good laugh.

6. Hangman

Hangman is another pen and paper game that is fun and easy to play. Your child must guess a word using blank spaces. We love hangman because it helps with their spelling skills. 

7. Dominoes

Dominoes are a great learning resource for your children, helping develop their number and math skills. This game is a winner all around for parents and children. 

Best indoor activities for children

8. Build a fort

Pull the dining room chairs together and get out the blankets! Children are always excited to have a “secret hide out” to play in. You can even turn it into a movie night and family sleepover. Pull out the sleeping bags and make some s’mores in the microwave before watching your favorite holiday classic. 

9. Have a dance party

This is our personal favorite. When our children have a lot of energy to burn and start getting antsy, turn on their favorite music and have a dance party. By the time our dance party is finished, we’re all smiling, laughing, and tired.

10. Do a puzzle

Pick out a puzzle as a family and play your favorite movie in the background! 

11. Create a scavenger hunt

This is always fun for both children and adults. Make a list of household items that you need your child to find. The little ones are sure to have a blast as search high and low.. Make it even more exciting by giving a prize to the first child that completes the hunt. This is a fun activity for any weather!

12. Cooking

Cooking is a great way to bond with your little one and teach them how to read and follow directions. And the outcome is always tasty. Start with a treat, like brownies, to keep them on task and excited to test the end product. Read more about the benefits of cooking!

13. Cardboard box fun

Using a large cardboard box, let your little one's imagination run wild — maybe they’ll make a spaceship or a race car? 

14. Sock puppets

Grab some socks and draw funny faces on them. Use your craft supplies to give your puppets a little personality with googly eyes and yarn. Once their costumes are sock puppets are perfect, your children can put on a play for the family! 

15. Reading

A timeless classic. Take your children to the library and have them pick some new books. Bonus: The library also teaches children a sense of responsibility with taking care of the books

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