Are you looking for creative drawing ideas and classes for your children? From creative thinking to improving coordination, drawing is so beneficial for your children. To reap the full benefits of drawing, it’s great to try new techniques! 

Read on for some of the best creative drawing ideas for children of all ages.

1. Observation

Children love to use their imagination, but sometimes it is better to get them to really take in their surroundings. Pick a part of your home, and get them to draw what they see.

2. Hand drawing

A bit more controlled than finger painting, your children can draw around their hands and then turn this template into a whole picture.

3. Blind drawing

Have your children try to draw things without looking at the paper. This is a great way to improve their coordination, and it can double as a guessing game.

4. Tandem drawing

Two children drawing the same picture together is a great way to socialize them, improve their teamwork and group creativity. Just be on hand in case of creative difference — a clash of stick figure lines may come up!

5. Pencil shading

Try to draw a complete picture using only a pencil. This will help your children learn about pressure and control as they work on shading.

6. Join the dots

Prepare a piece of paper with a random number of dots, and have your children connect them up and try to form a picture out of them. Give them full creative freedom, as long as they join the dots.

7. Bunched drawing

Rather than picking the colors they like, bundle up a handful of crayons and give them to your children to draw with. Neatness goes out the window, and creativity is king!

8. Mystery Drawing

Have each of your children draw a random thing in the room, and have the rest guess what it is. The ones that guess the most and draw the most win!

9. Landscape

Get your ones out into the fresh air and into nature. Drawing what they see outside is a great way to discover new things, show their creativity and tire them out!

10. Mixed media

Rather than giving your children just one art form, let them pick two or three. It will get messy, but this will let them experience different textures and styles at the same time.

11. Helmet drawing

Ok, hear us out. This might sound silly, but children will have great fun if you stick a marker pen on their bike helmet and unleash them on a canvas stuck to the wall. You may be raising the next Jackson Pollock. 

12. Folding creatures

Children will get a real kick out of this one. Fold up paper so that when they draw a picture on one half it changes. This is perfect for showing a wild animal open its jaws to see inside.

13. Box den

Next time you get a large package, give your children the box. These make the perfect temporary den, and with crayons they can make them into whatever their imaginations allow.

14. Draw a book

While you are reading your children a book, let them illustrate it as you go. This is a great way to get them thinking, listening, and keeping them engaged.

15. Draw your pet

Have your children try to draw their pet. If they don't have one, even better! They can draw the pet they wish they had, whether that is a unicorn, dragon or even just a dog.

16. Doodle art

Get the children to make a single-line swirl/scribble using black thick markers. Then get them to color in each shape with a pattern or texture.

17. Zentangle hearts

Draw some hearts and section them off inside. Then fill the sections with different patterns and textures. Keep it black and white, or add a colored background.

18. Make-A-Monster

Print a template to get started or fold plain sheets of paper. Everyone takes turns drawing a head, body, or legs. Mix-n-match for weird and wonderful monsters.

19. Optical illusion

Understand 3D shadows and highlights. Circular patterns or tubes work best. Darken each color at the edge, getting lighter in the middle for a moving, dynamic effect.

20. Rainbow-Scratch

Get the children to color a rainbow pattern filling the whole sheet (no white spaces). Then cover that with black craft paint. Use an open paperclip to scratch the paint away and draw.

21. One-point perspective shapes

Draw a shape with straight edges, like a cross or a triangle. Draw a dot in the middle of the page, and with a ruler, draw straight lines from the corners nearest the dot. Use color-shading to create 3D.

22. Sticker art

Stick some stickers on a blank sheet of paper at random. Then, get them to draw around them to make a scene. Get your child to write a story to match the picture.

23. Finger painting

Use forefingers to paint a masterpiece using non-toxic, easy to wash paint (your walls will thank you later). Use pens, pencils and crayons to add details to the paint creations.

24. Map drawing

Organize an indoor treasure hunt and get your child to draw the map. They need to include notable items around the home, for reference. Also, where to find the clues, to find the treasure or a simple "X marks the spot".

25. Magic tree

Either you draw a tree with no leaves, or print a template. Get your children to draw in the leaves and create a scene to make it into a magic tree. Optional: add glitter or use glitter pens.

26. Draw your favorite season

Ask your children what season they like best and get them to draw it. They've got to add all the things that they like about it.

27. Design a maze

Get your child to draw an endpoint, or object. Then, they must create using straight lines a maze to follow to get there. Include dead ends and trick paths to confuse their parents.

28. Design a superhero

For all the superhero fans, get your children to design their own superhero. What would their power be? What does their outfit look like? Get them to make a character sheet.

29. Alphabet art

Print out large, un-filled letter templates on plain paper. Or older children can draw the letters. Your children then need to turn these letters into something that starts with it. Like A for Apple.

30. Self-portrait

Using a mirror, get your children to draw a picture of themselves. For fun, get them to draw themselves as a prince/princess, a vampire, and so on. Or even draw other family members as a portrait.

Creative drawing ideas for children of all ages

As you can see, there are an almost limitless number of creative drawing ideas to keep children entertained. The trick is to find what they like, and then to keep changing it up slightly so they don't lose interest.

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