The holidays are a wonderful time to gather together with your family, slow things down, and focus on what's important. From cooking to decorating, there are plenty of ways you can make your house feel extra special this season.

As the weather gets colder, it’s fun to make Christmas crafts together, and one of our favorite projects is DIY Christmas cards! Regardless of your child’s age, there’s a card design you can make together.

Read on for five easy DIY Christmas cards you can try and out to get your creative juices flowing. 


5 adorable themes for DIY Christmas cards

Depending on your child's age and their skill level with different crafts, there are various options you can explore. From beginner sewing instruction to stamping to a lesson in upcycling, these cute DIY Christmas cards will be a joy for all those you send to this holiday season:

Card idea 1: Sting art

Whether you have gift wrapping ribbon, yarn, or just colored string, these cards are fun and interactive DIY Christmas cards for kids to have fun making. First, decide on a card design and then sketch out some guidelines and holes for your child to follow. 

A snowflake design is an adorable way to send a little winter cheer, or perhaps you're more drawn to trees and angels? Whatever format you choose, you can help teach your child the basics of sewing while making beautiful cards for loved ones. 

Keep your child's age in mind, though, as this project works best with a sewing needle. For smaller hands, you could try plastic sewing needles to reduce the risk of boo-boos.

Card idea 2: Stamps or prints

Do you have a vast collection of cute stamps? Why not use them to decorate your cards! If you don't, you can use things like the eraser end of a pencil to create fun shapes like berries, lights, or even snow!

Another fun way to decorate a card would be with fingers, hands, toes, and feet! You can make thumb-print reindeer, turn their little handprints into holly, or make each of their fingers a snowman or penguin. This project is perfect for all ages, and an adult or older sibling can do the finishing touches to bring the whole winter scene together.

Card idea 3: Pop-up or interactive

For a real "wow" factor, try your hand at a reindeer pop-up card That will bring Santa's friends to life, or for older kids, try out these toy brick inspired geometric pop-out designs. DIY pop-up Christmas cards may seem tricky at first, but the results will be worth the effort.

Another fun one to play with are shaker cards. The concept takes a little building by skilled hands, but the decorations and design for this makeshift snow globe are suitable for all ages. Whatever winter looks like where you are, you can make a miniature version to send to loved ones, wherever they may be this season.

Card idea 4: Found items

Before you head out to your local craft store, take an inventory of things you may have around the house that would make incredible decorations. Do you have some paint chips from your last remodel? Why not show your child how to cut them into triangles for a modern tree display. 

Do you feel like you have a ton of those spare replacement buttons that retailers give you in case you lose one (because we have thousands)? Why not create a cute and simple rustic design like a button snowman or just place them in a circle to make a wreath.

If your child is an outdoor lover, why not take them for a hike and have them collect items like leaves, sticks, and moss to see what ideas they form. Moss makes an adorable wreath, and sticks and leaves can be a unique tree that will be sure to make people smile.

Card idea 5: Decorative pieces

For a DIY Christmas card that will make a lasting impression, why not create a piece that doubles as a decorative element for the home? Take some fun and crazy pictures of your family and turn yourselves into garland that will make people laugh and smile all season long.

Another way to create something that people will want to keep is by making an element of your card removable as a handmade Christmas tree ornament. Whatever you choose doesn't need to be elaborate or fancy, but people will love having a new piece to trim their tree with each year.


How to choose the right project

Choosing the right DIY Christmas cards starts with finding the project that suits your child's skill level and age. Younger kids will love sticking their hands in paint to make shapes or working with you to make a pop-up or shaker card. Older kids might like the challenge of sewing unique shapes or making ornaments for friends and family.

If your kid loves to be outdoors, let them share that passion by finding items and seeing what design they come up with for their cards. If your child loves being silly, take some creative pictures, and share their wonderful personality through photo garland. 

Creating cards could become a new family tradition, and by pairing the right project with the right kids, you'll be more likely to have a successful crafting experience. 

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