Hear us out, New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be cliché for anyone in the family — including kids. As 2020 comes to an end, help set your kid’s heart on new ways to grow and participate in New Year’s festivities. 

When it comes to your children, you may find yourself wondering what are some New Year’s resolutions that kids can commit to and work towards daily? To help you and your family set up new year's resolutions for kids in an age-appropriate way, check out our guide. Then, see some age-appropriate resolutions and ones that your children won't mind tackling below for inspiration.

1. I will be nice to others

This resolution can work for children and adults of any age. Often without even realizing it, children can be insensitive to others, whether their other kids at school or family members. Your children can set a kindness goal for the New Year to help them be mindful of other people’s feelings. At the center of this resolution is the lesson that children should always treat people the way that they want to be treated.

If they wouldn't want people being mean to them and leaving them out of fun activities, they shouldn't be doing it to others. Being kind to others goes a long way, and they never know how their kindness and friendliness can impact somebody else's day in the most positive way.

2. I will get active

Remaining active is an essential part of children's development and helps decrease the likelihood of childhood obesity. The fun part about setting this goal is your child can choose to be active in any way they'd like to be — they can get moving with friends and family or take an online exercise class.

Does your child like to dance? Is tag one of their favorite games to play? Before they know it, they'll be running or dancing around the living room, working up a sweat. If your children are younger, helping them stay active will also give them time to work off any extra energy they may have in their tiny bodies.

3. I will volunteer

Everyone needs help sometimes and there are many people in our world who need assistance, whether it's a meal or a blanket to sleep with at night. Teach your children the meaning of giving back when choosing this as one of their New Years' resolutions.

There are various ways that your children can give back, whether it's volunteering at a soup kitchen, spending time reading stories to children in the children's wing of a hospital, helping organize a food drive, or donating gently used items to homeless shelters.

A little goes a long way, and volunteering also teaches your children to be grateful for the things that they do have. Besides, the feeling that you and your children will feel after giving back to less fortunate people is out of this world.

Volunteering creates a joyful feeling that your children — and the people they help — will never forget.

4. I'll spend more time reading

Reading is an essential tool that children will use throughout their lives. Whether kids are trying to read a book for a class project or need to read a street sign to keep them safe, reading is a  fundamental skill that’s both useful and fun.

When your children read, it can help them travel to another place or time and imagine things that they've never seen or heard of before. The imagination is something that can be nurtured and grown through the power of reading.

Reading also helps children broaden their vocabulary by teaching them new words. 

5. I will choose great friends

Friends can subject your children to unwanted peer pressure putting them in positions to make decisions that they normally wouldn't. When kids commit to making better friends, they can surround themselves with people that provide positive peer pressure.

Focus on finding friends that spend more time being kind than saying mean words. Friends that are there for your child when they're feeling down instead of being the ones that made them feel down. When you choose the right friends, you can create bonds that last a lifetime, and those are the friendships worth cherishing.

Start the New Year right with resolutions! 

New Year's Resolutions are an excellent way to start the year. They help people remain mindful and grateful that another year has come and we've got another chance to meet our goals.

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