Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means! Well, actually, do we know what that means in 2020? Not really. 

Everything has looked different this year from work, to school, to grocery stores, to playgrounds. Halloween is going to look different too, and while it may be unclear how each community is going to handle it, the time to start preparing is right now. Think about how you can pull off socially distanced trick or treating, find a pumpkin patch that won’t be crowded, and get those mask friendly Halloween costumes ready.

When you think about it, Halloween with face masks can be the easiest part of 2020! You just need to get a little creative. Take these 7 Halloween costume ideas to get you started:

Illustration of a superhero costume

1. Superhero costumes

Superheroes are always a fan favorite for Halloween costumes...so this one is a no brainer! Take the Hulk and Ironman for example. Both have full face character masks adding an extra layer of shielded protection. Also, a stretchy full body Spiderman suit goes up over the nose and mouth. 

The best part about superhero costumes is that any option can be paired with a face mask. After all, what’s more super than saving the world one face covering at a time?

Illustration of a doctor costume

2. Doctor or Nurse costumes

Speaking of superheroes, let’s hear it for the doctors and nurses out there on the front lines! This Halloween costume is a perfect tribute to all of their hard work, and a great aspirational costume choice for kids.

Find a pair of hospital scrubs, a toy stethoscope, make a name tag for Dr. Saves The Day, and don’t forget the face mask, both for costume accuracy and safety.

Illustration of a jack o lantern costume

3. Jack O’ Lantern costumes

If you have a child named Jack then wow, do we have good Halloween costuming news for you. Jack in the Box, Lumberjack, Jack Sparrow, and of course...Jack O’ Lanterns are all fair game!

You don’t need to be named Jack to make the Jack O’Lantern costume work of course, and you can make a mask friendly Jack O’ Lantern costume at home really easily. Find an orange shirt, orange pants, and an orange hat. Glue a toilet paper roll on top of the hat for the stem and then use face paint for the Jack O’ Lantern eyes. The mouth and nose parts can be drawn onto an orange mask!

Illustration of a scarecrow costume

4. Scarecrow costumes

The scarecrow is another great homemade option that goes perfectly with a mask, not to mention your fall décor.

Put on some old clothes, a floppy hat, some hay from the pumpkin patch you just dropped $50 at knowing full well a squirrel is going to be enjoying your purchases more than anyone, and a mask with a drawn-on smile and you’ve got yourself a scarecrow!

Illustration of a cowgirl costume

5. Cowboy/Cowgirl costumes

Howdy partner! Do you have a bandana at home? Tie it up over the nose and mouth then pop on a plaid shirt, a cowboy hat and a pair of boots. Ta-da! You have the rooting-est tooting-est public health friendliest cowboy or cowgirl there ever was.

Illustration of a bird costume

6. Bird costumes

The bird costume is a little more elaborate but big points for creativity if you can pull it off!

Feathers from the craft store glued onto a sweatshirt and hat are the base, then add in some cardboard wings if you’re feeling ambitious. Lastly, make a construction paper cone that can be glued onto the face mask for the beak! 

Illustration of a ghost costume

7. Ghost

What’s more face mask friendly than a good old-fashioned ghost costume?

If you have an extra sheet laying around the house and a pair of scissors, you’re all set. A black face mask underneath actually makes this one even better because the mouth cut out is going to look all kinds of spooky! While this one is a classic, you really don’t see many ghost costumes out there these days. Let’s bring it back! 

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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