At Sawyer we have the privilege of working with hundreds of inspiring educators around the country. Whether they teach virtual classes or in-person activities, the curricula always foster enriching atmospheres for children of all ages to discover their love of learning. We got the opportunity to chat with Sweet Potato Music, a highly interactive music class with a focus on real musical learning and childhood development for children aged 0-5 in Los Angeles.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! I’d love to hear a bit more about you and why you started your business.

I'm a professional flutist/composer/educator and after having my daughter in 2017 I started to think about music education differently. What kinds of skills and fundamentals could be baked into play-based repertoire that would serve kids later in life when they were wanting to learn an instrument, things like a strong sense of pitch, rhythm, pattern recognition within song.

Additionally, my daughter was born with a severe visual impairment, so as I was creating Sweet Potato Music I was working with my baby girl alongside occupational therapists, speech therapists, infant specialists, and more, which really informed what I was creating. Sweet Potato Music is unique in that it uses ALL original music, written specifically to engage children instead of passively participating. Parents love getting to learn new songs and engage with their babies and toddlers as well as building community.

What’s the most rewarding thing about teaching children?  

Getting to be intimately involved in people's families and a part of the memories that they create. Unique to what I do specifically, knowing that the songs I've written are being sung at home and informing playtime and development.

Why is after school/extracurricular enrichment and camp so important for children?  

Every child is so different and learns differently. Extracurriculars allow for a wider breadth of learning opportunities, they also are fun and spark curiosity and creativity.

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