The clock is ticking–Father’s Day falls on June 16th this year, which is just a few days away! We know you’re busy, and if you’re anything like us, your family wants to get him something special. Thus begins the age old dilemma...what to get dad? Sure, you could get him another tie to add to his growing collection, but why buy something when you have creative kids? Fear not, the team at Sawyer has compiled a list of DIY ideas by age group your children can create for dad. We guarantee these will be heartfelt ways to show him you all care (and better than a tie).


Artsy Feet (Ages 0 - 3)

While your toddler may not have refined their shopping taste for dad yet, they can certainly make him something he’ll cherish for years to come – with a little help from you, of course! Believe it or not, the gift of footprints can be adorable. And no, we don’t mean your little one walking all over dad in the morning (although that would be cute). Rather, their footprints in the shape of a heart on a small canvas is a great option. The best part? For this project all you need is paint. Want to step it up? Try it in air dry clay!

Memory Lane Collages (Ages 3+)

Collages are a great way to give dad something he’ll remember. There are so many options: from family photos, trips together, the list goes on and on. A lovely collage to make not only includes your little one, but many of your friends, too! Print out the congratulatory emails you received when your child was born and assemble them into any kind of collage you’d like - we know you’ll get creative. Finish it off with a picture of your adorable child (or children) in the middle, because they’re the best part.


Tape Art (Ages 3+)

At first thought you might not think “tape” would be in the recipe for a great gift, but it turns out a little bit of a tape goes a long way! Tape resist art is a fun way to get most ages involved, and the process couldn’t be easier. Simply write out your note to dad with tape, and then have your child get painting over the tape on the canvas. It’s always fun to see what kind of patterns and designs your child come up with; you might realize you have a Frida Khalo in the making! When they’re done, just peel off the tape to reveal the written out text in the negative space, and deliver the unique piece to dad.

Dad's Playlist (Ages 7 +)

While we love arts and crafts, we know that may not be everyone's cup of tea. For the modern dad, making playlists is a creative (and useful) way to show how much you care. Curating a list of tunes with your child that dad loves (as well as some Baby Shark because that’s essential) is such a fun activity. The end result will be a jamming list the whole family can enjoy! This gift is ESPECIALLY great on road trips when everyone is fighting for their music to be played.


Favor Certificates (All Ages)

Funny enough, upon surveying the office we realized that many of us have given the gift of favors. Okay don’t get us wrong here, this may not be the best gift for YOU to get dad, however if it comes from your children it can be both thoughtful and adorable. For this project it’s best to first brainstorm with your children the things dad might need help with around your home. Maybe it’s cleaning up, cooking, helping with a trip to the store - basically any tasks your children wouldn’t normally help out with! Next, work with them to create certificates. These can be decorated in so many different ways. Typically the “favor” would go in the middle of the sheet (which we recommend you type up and print on standard printer paper in landscape form). Next, let your children decorate them! Maybe a fun pattern in the shape of a frame? Or polka dots all over? So many options! When it comes down to it, this is a great way for your children to spend more time with Dad (and hopefully help with chores, too!).

Above all else, the most fun thing to do on Father’s Day is create memories and experiences. A great way to do that is partaking in activities and classes with dad! If you’re around the Chicago, New York, or LA area there are so many fun ones that Sawyer can connect you with. We know whatever you do, the day will be special!


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