Have you heard of the five gift rule for Christmas? It goes like this: Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read, and something homemade! How perfect is that?

We love this rule here at Sawyer because it makes gift giving simple and keeps the season of giving from turning into the season of extravagant credit card bills! Plus it’s an opportunity for children to get in on the fun by helping out with the homemade portion.

If you need some gift idea inspiration to get your child started on their DIY gift making adventure, you’re in the right spot. Check out 12 homemade gifts below broken out by age group.

Ages 0 - 4 

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

For the littlest artists, give them a white sheet of paper and a multicolored ink pad, Write the gift recipients name in cursive with a black marker, or simply write the word “love” and use the letters as your light strand. Then your child can add in their fingerprints as the light bulbs. Mount on construction paper or put it in a frame if you’re feeling fancy!

Salt Dough Ornament

Even the tiniest gift givers can help with this DIY. Use this recipe for salt dough ornaments and let your big helper stir and cut out shapes with a cookie cutter. Then when the ornaments dry, your children can paint them to give as gifts.


This simple gift idea is great for little ones and a fun way to capture their artistic talents. Cut out a bookmark size piece of paper and your child can color or paint to create a masterpiece. Once it’s all dry, cover with clear packing tape and punch a hole in the top for a piece of yarn or ribbon. Ta-da! A bookmark!

Ages 4 - 8 

Hot Chocolate Snowman

This hot chocolate snowman is so cute and easy to put together with Mason jars, hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and peppermints. Children can fill the jars and glue on the decorations, but if you’re using the hot glue gun maybe bump this up an age group! This can also be a great teacher gift idea.

Gift Card Holder

Speaking of teacher gifts, you know what teachers love? Giftcards! Turn this into a DIY gift by having your children create the gift card holders themselves using cardstock they decorate with markers, fabric, or wrapping paper. Just no glitter, teachers are working hard enough.

Why I Love You Book

Ready for a tear jerker? With markers, paper, and staples or ribbon to tie the book together, your child can create a Christmas moment with a DIY book featuring drawings of why they love the gift recipient. Grandparents will LOVE this one.

Ages 8 - 12

Mason Jar Cookies

If you have a baker in your house, encourage them to come up with a cookie recipe that they can first taste test, and then make into homemade gifts. In the mason jar, your child can layer in the dry ingredients and then they can write out the recipe on a card to attach to the jar.

Body Scrub

Many of the ingredients your child would need to make a homemade body scrub are right in your cabinet. Check out these recipes that your child can mix up on their own and give as lovely, and helpful, gifts!

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Mason jar snow globes are really pretty winter decor and fun for little ones to help put together. Children can pick out an ornament at the dollar store for the center of the snowglobe, or laminate a picture of themselves to put in the middle. This tutorial includes a picture version which is super cute!

Ages 12+


Many of us have been doing most of our dining at home these days, and a dinner out sounds lovely! Your tween/teen can give you the gift of a night out without actually going out though! A home cooked dinner made by your child for you or a family member is a wonderful gift, especially if they are doing the dishes too.

Arm Blanket

A big cozy blanket sounds delightful right now doesn’t it? Children ages 12 and up can totally make an arm blanket on their own, no knitting needles necessary. Use this tutorial as a guide.


Responsible tweens and teens can give the best homemade gift of all, their time! Even serving as a “mother’s helper” for younger siblings or cousins can be huge, especially as we manage through remote school and this “everyone is home ALL the time” season. For something to wrap up under the tree, your tween/teen can wrap up babysitting coupons to be redeemed later.

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