What’s cuter than a laughing baby? We can’t think of much else. Well, maybe siblings getting along.. Either way! It's an incredible feeling to see a baby laughing, playing, and enjoying themselves. A happy baby has the power to put a smile on just about anyone's face. Just like grown-ups, little ones need a laugh from time to time to make them feel better.

If you want to learn how to make a baby chuckle, we have the answers for you!


The benefits of making your baby laugh

Getting your baby to giggle isn't something you should do just to prevent them from being fussy or to feel better when they're sick. Laughter and humor are actually great developmental tools. When you keep your baby laughing, they can sense your joy and excitement. It also makes them imitate you.

Plus, your little one is highly responsive to physical stimulants, like tickling. It's a great way to ignite their laughter. 

Children who have a developed sense of humor accelerate in other areas of their lives as well. They usually grow to have high self-esteem, optimism, and they're better equipped at handling adversity.

Here are some a few more developmental benefits of baby laughter and humor:

  • Spontaneity
  • An open mind
  • A playful personality
  • Enjoyment in various aspects of life
  • Seeing the glass half full

If you've ever asked yourself if baby laughter is good, the answer is yes!


Ways to keep your baby laughing

Babies are fun little rays of sunshine, and it doesn't take a lot to spark baby laughter. They find humor in lots of things, and their happiness is infectious. 

Below are some tricks to get your baby giggling:


Peekaboo is a classic trick that always works on babies. Couple the phrase "Peek-a-boo I see you" with a funny face, and they're bound to cackle. For babies, peekaboo is a hoot. They love it!

Belly raspberries

Nothing tickles a baby's funny bone going like belly raspberries. Your baby's belly is a sensitive area and a trigger for laughter. Between the tickle from your kisses to the weird "ppffhhh" sound that do you make on their tummy, babies find it hilarious.

Funny faces

A funny face is enough to even make adults laugh. When someone makes an outrageous face by curling their lips or bulging their eyes, it's funny to your baby.

In fact, many little ones will burst into laughter even when you're not purposely making silly faces. They're so fun and full of joy.

Chasing them

For some reason, babies think it's so funny when they're being chased. Whether they're walking or crawling, if you start chasing after your little one, chances are they'll pick up speed and laugh the entire way.

You laugh first

Laughing is contagious, even for babies. If they see you laugh, they'll join in too. There's nothing like sharing a few giggles with your baby. It's a great way to bond with them.

Get other children involved

Young children and babies often make a nice pair when it comes to entertaining one another. Babies love young children and usually gravitate towards them.

So, if your little one has an older sibling, cousin, or family-friend, have them put in a little playtime with your baby. Chances are they'll keep your little tike laughing all day long.

Funny voices

Even if your impersonations and accents aren't all that great, your baby will still find them funny (they’re a pretty easy audience). While you're talking to them and playing, make silly sounds with your voice to spark a little laughter. They'll love every moment of it.

Eskimo Kisses

A cuddled nose rub is an intimate moment between a parent and a child. When you rub your nose against their nose, you'll likely hear little giggles coming from them. It's a nice way to show your little one affection, while also making them laugh.

Playful Horse

Giving your child a pretend horse ride is like putting them on a mini roller coaster. Sit your little one on your knee and bounce them up and down while saying "giddy up!" Trust us they'll be laughing and giggling the entire ride.


Depending on your child's age, they may not be old enough to play with toys on their own. However, you can utilize them to spark baby laughter. If you have a puppet, doll, or rattle, you can always use them as props to tickle your baby's funny bone.

They'll enjoy any show that you put on. 


Keep your little ones happy

Hopefully, these tips will get your baby laughing! Of course, we could’ve made a long list — there are so many possibilities! Do you have tips or tricks you want to share with us? Reach out to us at @hellosawyer — we’d love to connect.