Halloween is a favorite holiday for children and adults alike. The chill in the air, fun costumes, delicious treats, and exciting events make Halloween something that can be celebrated all October long.

If you are looking to make some fun Halloween recipes for kids, including traditional and healthy Halloween snacks as well as enticing Halloween dinners and cute treats, we’ve got you covered! Plus, check out what our educators are offering on Sawyer to keep the fun going all month long - costume parties, cooking classes, movie events and so much more!

Halloween recipes for kids

Halloween snacks for kids

Any parent will tell you that snacks are the way to a child’s heart. And themed snacks are even better! Get into the Halloween spirit from October 1st on with Halloween snacks for your kids that will make them giggle, squeal, and, most importantly, beat the hanger.

We asked the Sawyer team for some of their favorite Halloween snacks for kids and healthy Halloween snacks. This is what they said:

  1. String cheese witch’s brooms. This is an easy and healthy snack for kids that fits into the Halloween theme! Cut string cheese in half and then fray the edges of one side. Stick the non-frayed side into the bottom of a string cheese to make it look like a witch’s broom. Ride off into the sunset with a happy child who is getting carbs and protein in a cute snack!
  2. Banana peanut butter Oreo bats. Cut a banana into 6 pieces or so and then spread a little peanut butter on the top of each one. Separate Oreos and break the cookies into 2 pieces. Then, form the cookie pieces into bat wings on top of the banana pieces, using the peanut butter to help keep everything in place. Your children will love the idea and you get an extra serving of fruit on their plate!
  3. Spider web black bean dip. Make or buy black bean dip and then use a piping bag to pipe a spider web of sour cream on top of the bowl of dip. You will look like a professional chef with your skills and your children will love dipping tortilla chips, pretzels, carrots, cucumbers, and anything else into this great protein source.
  4. Mummy pigs in a blanket. Cut pastry dough or crescent roll into strips and then wrap them around cut or mini hotdogs with spaces so the hotdog looks like a mummy. You can use ketchup, mustard, or even olives for their eyes. To make this recipe even healthier, you can use carrots instead of hotdogs!
  5. Halloween shaped fruit and veggies. You can buy inexpensive Halloween-shaped cookie cutters, like these $3 ones from Target, and then use them to cut fruit and veggies into fun Halloween shapes! Cantelope, apples, cucumbers, watermelon, and more will become witch’s hats, bats, and pumpkins that your child will delight in eating.
Photo of Halloween recipes for kids

Halloween dinner ideas for family

Halloween food fun doesn’t have to end at snack time, either! We’ve included some of our favorite Halloween dinner ideas for family mealtimes that will be sure to get your children excited to sit around the table. 

We tried to keep these fun and silly without being overly gross: dinnertime is for eating and we don’t want to forget that. Plus, Halloween dinners help your child realize that Halloween is about more than just candy and they can enjoy other Halloween foods that actually fill them up and make them feel good!

  1. Spaghetti and eyeballs. A classic take on a classic meal, spaghetti and eyeballs is very easy to make and still full of great nutrients. Make your usual spaghetti and meatballs, then add some mozzarella cheese and a sliced olive to the top of each meatball to make it look like an eyeball! 
  2. Jack o’ lantern quesadillas. We love this idea because it’s another easy one! Make quesadillas the normal way and then cut a jack o’ lantern face out of the tortilla after it’s been cooked. Your child will love getting a look at what is inside and you will love that they are excited to eat one of the world’s quickest dinner recipes!
  3. Mini monster burritos or wraps. This is a fun Halloween dinner idea for family because everyone can make their own monsters! Put out spinach wraps and all of the fixings for burritos or wraps and then let your family fill ‘em up. Then, they can decorate the outside to make their own monsters with items like sliced black olives, cheese, pickles, deli meat, hot sauce, sour cream, and more.
  4. Ghostly pumpkin pizza. For this one, you can use a ghost-shaped cookie cutter to cut mozzarella into the shape of ghosts and then top your pizza with these ghouls. You can also create pumpkins out of pepperoni by adding a chive or green olive above them to make it look like a pumpkin!
  5. Bell pepper jack o’ lanterns. Cut the seeds and insides out of orange bell peppers and then remove the tops, but save them! Then, cut the face of a jack o’ lantern into the front of the bell pepper. Fill the inside with rice and beans, mac & cheese, roasted veggies, or something else that your child loves.
Photo of Halloween dinner ideas for family

Cute Halloween treats for school

Whether your child is having a Halloween party with their class or you are just looking to make their packed lunch and snack more spirited, these cute Halloween treats for school are perfect! Just don’t forget to check with your child’s teacher in case there are any allergies in the class before bringing food in.

  1. Chocolate donut spiders. Use store bought chocolate donuts and then break up pretzels to stick the round pieces into the donut to look like spider legs! You can use M&Ms or chocolate chips for the eyes and candy corn for the fangs if your child won’t be afraid.
  2. Dirt cups. An old classic Halloween dessert! Take a chocolate pudding cup and add crushed up Oreo for dirt, gummy worms, and chocolate frogs to make a cute Halloween treat for school.
  3. Ghost bananas. Cut a banana in half and then on the top half, use chocolate chips to make eyes and peanut butter to make a ghoulish mouth! Save the bottom half for yourself to enjoy after your child leaves for school!
  4. Leftover candy. Ok, maybe this isn’t as cute as it is efficient, but on November 1st, what should you do with leftover Halloween candy? You can include some fun sized pieces in your child’s lunch box to keep the spooky spirit going into November! Or, you can get them in the mood by including some early Halloween candy during the month of October.
Photo of cute Halloween treats for school

Can you tell that we love Halloween here at Sawyer? If you are looking for more fun Halloween activities for the family, we’ve got you covered! You can find Halloween cooking classes, arts & crafts, costume parties, and so much more on Sawyer. What are you waiting for? Happy Halloween, everyone!

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