Tis’ the season to get active! We’ve partnered with Erin Pasquet (@erin_doulight), a pre-natal yoga and fitness instructor, to curate her recommendations for your mindful minis. With her help, we’ve assembled a list of gifts and activities that will surely get your little ones in the mood to get their wiggles out!


Banwood Scoot Bike - $189

Balance bikes are a great way to learn coordination and balance before transitioning to a big kid 2 wheel bike. Extra points for the beautiful design, as well! Oh, and don't forget your helmet here. Safety first!

The Tot

GATHRE Kids Yoga Mat - $40 

As an avid yogi and teacher (pre-mama life), I’m eager to get back to my practice. What better way than to share my love with my little love? Incorporating mindful movement into our daily routine will help us both slow down and connect to one another and ourselves. 


Kids Yoga Cards Kit - $14.99. 

This fun deck lets your child see and learn about the yoga postures while practicing. You can create your own series or let them get creative! 


Heat Tech Base Layers - $14.90

Because winter is cold! I want to encourage my son to get out and play, no matter the weather. And that means I’m in charge of dressing him to meet the elements. These thin layers fit well under other clothes and don’t impede movement (all of the running, climbing and jumping he loves!) Get the leggings here!

Gift Active Experiences

Sometimes the best gift is the gift of learning. Let your little ones get active at these enriching activities by purchasing a gift card below. 

New York

West Side Hoops (Ages 2 - 13 years)

Get your little ones dribbling! Through positive coaching, FUNdamental drills, games, and scrimmages your West Side Hooper will see progress every class.

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Fun Fit Kids (Ages 0 - 8 years)

The programs at FunFit Kids are fun and interactive! They’re designed to help children develop physically, socially and cognitively. 

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The Movement Creative (Ages 2.5 - 18+ years)

Looking for a place where your little ones can jump, roll, and have fun? The Movement Creative will teach your children how to enjoy movement by exploring opportunities for play in their everyday life.

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Changing Seasons Yoga (Ages 3 months - 17 years)

A zen place for your children to be taught mindfulness and yoga at an early age.

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Hoboken, New Jersey

The Inner Athlete (Ages 0 - 17 years)

One of our favorite places for sports-focused classes, camps, birthday parties and more! Your little ones will have no problem getting their wiggles out here!

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Looking for fun activities, virtual camps and classes? Explore the wonder here.