The team at Sawyer has been loving art projects that require very few materials. With a little time outside and a big imagination, you can complete this amazing craft project with your little ones.

Today, we’ll be making faces out of flowers! This activity is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. While it may seem like a simple project, there are tons of teachable moments throughout that we’ll break down in the following steps. Your little ones will learn sensory awareness, foster creative thinking, and of course — let their imagination run wild.

Materials needed

  • Printer paper
  • Glue (or tape)
  • Flowers, sticks, leaves, and more from outside
  • Big imagination! 
  • Wow, yeah...that's all you need.

Step 1

Get outside:

It’s time to collect your materials! On your next walk outside with your children, spend 10-15 minutes gathering flowers, leaves, and sticks of all sizes. You can make the collection process fun and educational by assigning sensory-related tasks. 


  • Something soft 
  • Something hard
  • Something crunchy


  • Pick something green 
  • Pick something yellow
  • Pick something blue
  • Pick something red
  • Pick something brown


  • Grab flowers that look like circles
  • Sticks that look like straight lines

Step 2


Once you’ve collected enough materials, it’s time to get organized. It helps to have a big work station where you can display everything you and your little ones collected outside. Tables are great, but the floor or ground is fine, too! 

Everything you gathered will eventually become part of a face, so work with your child to see what looks like what. Maybe a certain flower looks like an ear? Or a stick like a nose? This is when imagination starts to come into play.

Step 3

Design time:

And now the best part! It’s time to get creative. Let your child’s imagination run wild when arranging your faces. But remember a face needs a name! It’s always fun to create stories about your new flower friends. What are their personalities? Are they grumpy or happy? It’s fun to diversify the facial expressions. 

Step 4

Get glueing:

With glue (or tape), help your little ones bring their masterpieces to life even more. Because all of the materials are lightweight, remember that you just need a small amount of glue. 

Once completed, let dry for a few minutes and then you’re good to go! The best part about spring is that flowers are constantly blooming. As the environment around you continues to change and show its beauty, this is a project you can do over and over with totally different results. Want to make even more art? Explore virtual art classes here!