For most adults, music plays a profound role in daily life. It has the ability to soothe our frazzled nerves, uplift somber moods, or even give a boost of energy.

It’s not surprising that music can play a formative part of a child’s development. For young children, research shows that music and movement can be used to help children practice and learn important skills, including self-regulation — the ability to stop, think and then act. 

The benefits of music are clear and we’re happy to share that there is more to children’s music than baby shark on repeat (although...don't ask our children). We’ve pulled together some of our favorite musical educators, classes, and at home activities, for all ages!

Online Classes for kids

Sometimes it’s nice to leave it up to the professionals! The amount of online classes for music is extensive, and it can be hard to figure out what to look for when you’re choosing a class. We’ve pulled together some of our most popular classes on Sawyer Online.

Treasure Trunk Theatre (3 months - 9 years old)

Their beloved classes are now available online! The classes use theater, acting and live music to explore drama through imagination.

Jumpin’ Jams (3 months - 6 years old)

Whether your kids like to rock, roll, jump, or jam, Jumpin’ Jams plays music for everyone! The live music classes take children on a musical train ride, get down and boogie, and check out different instruments while jamming along with fun, age appropriate music. 

Mr. Dave’s Music (0 - 6 years old)

The 30-minute music and movement classes at Mr. Dave Music get even the littlest kids singing, clapping, jumping and dancing. With a mix of original songs and children’s classics, instructors at Mr. Dave Music spark a lifelong love of music and encourage a creative spirit.

Mr. Corbitt (6 months - 6 years old)

Explore different genres with Mr. Corbitt! Each week, the class explores a different theme based on musical genres, like Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and more. Mr. Corbitt will guide adults and children through a unique musical experience based in early childhood movement and music theory, using instruments, scarves, storybooks, and bubbles.

Little Bandits (6 months - 5 years old)

Get ready for music class for toddlers, where you'll introduce young children to the joy of creating music together. Through songs, games, dances, collaborative noise-making, and only the tiniest amount of mischief, instructors teach that music is a joyous way to express yourself, build confidence, make friends, deepen family bonds, and explore the world around you.

Circle Time (0 - 18+ years old)

At Circle time you'll learn through quality interaction and play. The classes are designed to engage families to learn and play together. Parents and caregivers can stimulate their child’s development by interacting and presenting positive new experiences. The class curriculum has been designed specifically to support your child’s development in a safe, nurturing, and creative environment.

Chiqui Social (0 - 18+ years old)

Chiqui Social is a curated Spanish learning studio and social club for kids and families. They help parents incorporate Spanish language, culture, and traditions into their kid’s everyday lives, offering community and a fun place to learn, grow and thrive.

A Sound Start (0 - 5 years old)

A Sound Start is the perfect place where your Little Musician can begin his/her music journey. You get to learn about your child, nurture him/her as he/she grows, and connect with other supportive families, solidifying their connections in your community.

Want to explore more virtual music classes? There are tons to explore here.

Indoor activities for kids

Looking to unplug for some offline family fun? Here are a few ideas from our community about how to incorporate music into your little one’s day!

Create your own band

Channel your inner rockstar! Start by choosing a genre and name for your band, then think about the different parts of your band — all core components to finding your sound. Are you going to have a lead singer or a bassist? Maybe the triangle or a shaker will play a large part in your sound. 

Feel free to get creative with the instruments you incorporate with items around the house! A mixing bowl turned upside down with a wooden spoon becomes a drum kit. Rice in a glass jar can become a shaker. There are tons of ways to create fun instruments at home!

Learn a dance together

With all of this time indoors, undoubtedly you’ve seen dance videos on TikToc. If those are a bit too involved for your little one (or yourself), there are some fun ones that our children are adopting! Whether you choose to go basic with the Macarena or Cupid Shuffle or just putting on some music to freestyle, it’s just fun to get moving and grooving!

Make up a new song to an old tune

Take a traditional song that you know the tune for (“The Farmer in the Dell”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”) and swap around the lyrics! Put in your child’s name, their favorite foods, or even encourage good habits — like washing hands :)

Our favorite music books for kids

Looking for books that will get your little ones thinking musically? We've put together a list of some our favorites. And don't worry, all of them have been personally vetted by the children at Sawyer.

Pete the Cat: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Pete the Cat fans new and old will delight as Pete sings about the stars up above in this rendition of a favorite children's bedtime song. 

Poppy and the Brass Band

Go on a musical adventure to the circus with an adorable pup named Poppy. Poppy and the Brass Band takes kids on an adventure with Poppy she meets new friends who introduce her to the sounds of the musical instruments of a brass band.

Violet’s Music 

There's nothing Violet loves more than music, and she plays or sings every chance she gets.  But where are the other kids like her-kids who think and dream music all day long?  As a baby, in kindergarten, at the beach and the zoo, she never gives up looking for companions.

Rin, Rin, Rin: Do, Re, Mi 

This lyrical bilingual story, written in both English and Spanish, follows a young child who asks his parents to "sing to me, say letters to me, rhyme with me, count with me, read with me."

When the Beat Was Born 

Before there was hip hop, there was DJ Kool Herc. On a hot day at the end of summer in 1973 Cindy Campbell threw a back-to-school party at a park in the South Bronx. Her brother, Clive Campbell, spun the records. He had a new way of playing the music to make the breaks―the musical interludes between verses―longer for dancing. He called himself DJ Kool Herc and this is When the Beat Was Born.