On average, the majority of children learn how to go to the toilet between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old, and potty training takes roughly 27 months.

During these tender years, children soak up lots of information...and soak lots of diapers. All in all, they’re sponges in all areas of learning!  

As with other aspects of their early education, activities that are fun and exciting helps them learn more efficiently. Well, the same goes for potty training. Did you know that teaching your little one a potty song helps them with the training process? It's one of the most effective tools for assisting children in this area. 

To get the scoop (or...poop..sorry, had to say it) on the best potty songs, check out the list below: 

Potty Training 101 Poop Song

The Potty training 101 poop song is one of the most effective potty training songs for teaching your children how to go to the bathroom, and it helps to speed up the process

This adorable little potty song was created by Growing Sound. It details everything pertaining to potty training and poop for small children. It also covers each step of the potty process, and it provides an in-depth explanation.

Let’s just say, this tune doesn’t leave out the “graphic” details. It’s an excellent way to get your little one to understand the entire potty process, so they can implement it into their training.

Elmo Potty Song

If you're having a tough time teaching your child the proper way to poop, maybe Elmo can help. Turning on an Elmo potty song is a fantastic way to get your little one excited about going to the bathroom.

By incorporating one of their favorite Sesame Street friends into the potty process, it encourages them to follow his instructions. What child doesn't love Elmo?

In this potty training song, Elmo goes over the steps of how to use the toilet, and it's one of those tunes that'll get your child interested in it too. Give it a try!

Little Baby Bum Potty Song

Little Baby Bum is one of those potty songs for toddlers that builds their confidence. As you know, potty training doesn't happen overnight and it’s full of trial and error. Patience is required on the part of a child in the parents. 

Well, the Little Baby Bum YouTube channel creates nursery rhymes that teach children how to be happy about going to the potty. It also encourages poo-poo resilience so they're not discouraged when they don’t get it right.

I Can Pee and Poop on the Potty

This is another potty song that your child will love. It's a catchy tune that makes potty training exciting.

In this song, the lyrics explore a child superhero who’s superior at going to the potty. He pees, poops, and washes his hands while encouraging other children to do the same.

It's a great way to show your little ones that if he can do it, they can do it too. This track is simple, yet effective. It details all the basics of the potty training process.

Ginneh’s Potty Song

The primary goal of potty training is to teach children how to communicate when they have to go to the bathroom. Well, this cute little potty song does a great job of educating children on how to do so. 

Ginneh’a potty song was created by a mother who wanted to teach her daughter how to poop and potty train with ease. She got this bright idea to make a song so that the process was fun for her daughter—and it worked! Now, this tune is encouraging other children as well.

Daniel Tiger: Stop and Go Potty

One of the biggest challenges that children face when going through the potty process is not wanting to stop playing to go to the bathroom. For them, a trip to the toilet is an interruption in their fun.

This Daniel Tiger potty song is incredible for encouraging children to go to the bathroom, even when they're having fun. The lyrics explain to them that a potty break doesn't have to interrupt playtime. It lets all the little ones know that their toys will still be there after they come back from the potty.

Two Little Hands Potty Time

Potty training songs with an upbeat tempo are great for getting children excited about learning to go to the bathroom by themselves. This fun rhyme teaches little ones about pooping and other details of the potty process.

The Two Little Hands potty song can be found on the YouTube channel Funtastic TV. It's a catchy tune that makes parents and children want to sing along.

Plus as a bonus, the YouTube video for this potty song teaches children how to say “potty time” in sign language. How cool is that?


Potty song tunes for toddlers and more

Hopefully, this potty song list gets your little one going to the potty with ease. For many parents, teaching their children to go to the bathroom is challenging — but it doesn’t have to be. It has the potential to be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you. 

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