Name: Jenna Bush Hager

Occupation: Co-Host, TODAY with Hoda and Jenna

Children: Mila (Age 6), Poppy (Age 4) and Hal (6 Months)

What’s your favorite kid-friendly brunch spot in your neighborhood?

We don’t brunch out very often with a six-month-old baby – but there are lots of slow Sunday morning pancake breakfasts at home. If we do go out, we love Bubby’s!

Favorite playgrounds in your area?

The Hudson River Parkway has such a wealth of playgrounds with so many places to walk, hangout and scoot. We are constantly spending time there!

What are your children’s favorite activities?

Right now, they love ballet, gymnastics and guitar! I’m all about not over scheduling our girls—and letting them choose activities that make them happy.

Two foods your little one(s) are obsessed with?

My kids love cauliflower rice, sliced bell peppers and salmon. Listen, if left up to their own devices, my kids would eat grilled cheese and French fries for every meal. But luckily, we introduced healthy foods early!

What are three things you always pack for your child when you go on vacation?

With three kids, I pack a lot more than three things!! But three essentials for traveling are a pack of baby wipes, tons of snacks and their water bottles.

What are you the strictest about when it comes to parenting?

I’m a stickler for manners and kindness. I am most strict about making sure my kids say please and thank you, and show empathy for each other and others!  

Favorite quick child friendly dinner recipe?

We are big on tacos in our family (hello, Texas!). We love to do a taco bar where the kids make their own tacos with red pepper slices, black beans and turkey meat (plus any extra veggie garnishes!). The more they add—the cooler they think it is. It’s the perfect way to eat more vegetables!

What’s your favorite way to unwind?

Truthfully?? A margarita over a good conversation with girlfriends. Also — any type of exercise is the healthier, best way to unwind. Savannah and I have kids that are good pals—so we watch them play while we catch up! Love to do a mommy play date too.

Best mom hack?  

My best hack is playing a song while we clean up. We see how many toys we can clean before the music is over, normally we can do it in one song! Another hack I use is listening to stories from Spotify.

Favorite rainy-day activity...

Usually, if it’s raining, we allow the kids to play and just let them be kids: anything from building forts to playing Barbies to playing school (and I’m Principal Lemon!).

The funniest thing your child has said to you..

Both of my girls love to laugh and have such a great sense of humor. Poppy is our little comedian—everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious.

My favorite part about being a parent is...

Holding my kids and the pure, unadulterated love I feel for them.

One thing you miss about your pre-parenting life...

I can’t even remember what happened in my pre-parenting life!!!!!

What do you do when your children go to bed?

I go to bed!

Favorite bedtime book is...  

Right now, we are reading all the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. Mila and Poppy also loved Charlotte’s Web, tears were had by all!

Best tantrum tactic is...

Changing the subject and moving onto the next thing.

Favorite parenting reads (books, blogs, sites)...

No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind By Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson.