Hate crimes and incidents against people of Asian descent are up since COVID-19 was first reported. As parents, these incidents are alarming and frightening, and it can be difficult to discuss with children at an age. We have a responsibility to educate our children that bullying and harassment are never acceptable, and there are direct actions kids can take to become allies at any age. 

These themes can be challenging to talk about, so we put together some resources to help.

Books are key

Representation matters. Showcasing stories with different backgrounds that feature immigrants and other marginalized people can normalize and encourage learning about different cultures. From fiction to graphic novels, these books feature strong Asian and Asian-American protagonists.

Pepper Zhang, Artist Extraordinaire! by Jerry Zhang (for ages 3 – 7)

The Jasmine Toguchi series by Debbie Michiko Florence (for ages 7 – 10)

Dear Juno by Soyung Pak (for ages 3 – 7)

Big Red Lollipop by Rukhsana Khan (for ages 4 – 8)

Dim Sum for Everyone! by Grace Link (for ages 3 - 7)

Asian-Americans Who Inspire Us by Analiza Quiroz Wolf (for ages 6 - 12)

Articles that can help

Explore tips from scholars, writers, and others who have experienced harmful incidents and want to prevent the next one. The following articles can help you explain to your child why anti-Asian hate and bias are totally unacceptable.

Talking to kids about xenophobia

How to Talk to Kids about Anti-Asian Racism

Countering Coronavirus Stigma and Racism: Tips for Teachers and Educators

Exercise for parents 

If your child, or anyone in your network, has been impacted by bullying or harassment there are numerous ways to address the situation. Talking about the interaction and expressing your feelings can help. 

Little Gray Thread — writing exercise

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