You don’t have to tell us twice — getting into the holiday spirit is a bit harder this year. Things can be especially tough for children, since many of the activities they usually partake in are being put on pause. However, we know all parents are working to find solutions! From staycation ideas to outdoor fun, parents are trying to maintain a sense of normal.  

How can you help your children have a good time while still staying safe?

Look no further! With Thanksgiving around the corner,  these edible crafts are not only fun to make, but delicious to eat, too!

1. Frosted cookies

No matter what season you're celebrating, there's bound to be a cookie-cutter design to match it. Get out your favorite cutout cookie recipe, bake up some turkeys, pumpkins, and other festive figures, and get to decorating!

Whether you want to stick to frosting or make things fun with sprinkles and other candy decorations, your kids are bound to have a great time frosting cookies with the family. Cooking with your kids is a great way to bond as a family while keeping in the spirit of the holidays!

2. Turkey cupcakes

Grab your favorite cake mix, whip up some frosting, and buy some candy corn to make these adorable little treats! Get some candy eyes for the face, then decorate the rest with pieces of candy corn for a sweet little turkey. Don't forget to decorate your cupcakes with frosting first so that the candy sticks well.

3. Turkey rice krispie pops

All you need for this recipe is popsicle sticks, Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, semi-sweet chocolate, and some candy corn! If you don't feel like making the Rice Krispie bars from scratch, then you can purchase some from your local grocery store instead.

Stick a popsicle stick inside of the treat, then melt down some chocolate in a pan. Dip the treat into the chocolate and decorate your masterpiece while it hardens!

4. Turkey donut

Frosting and candy corn can really go a long way when it comes to decorating your sweets! Take your favorite type of donut and stick some candy corn pieces into the backside of it. Once that's finished, you can apply a candy corn beak and some candy eyes to the front of your turnkey, and voila! You have a perfect little breakfast for you the next day.

5. Rice krispie pumpkin pie

For this treat, you’ll need a round cake pan, Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, and some food coloring. First, melt down your marshmallows in a pan and mix in the cereal. Separate some of the mixture into a bowl, then combine brown food coloring in each bowl. You'll want to put a few extra drops into the bowl with less in it.

Once that's completed, you can start forming it! Put the darker mixture in first, pressing it firmly around the outer edges of your cake pan. Then fill in the center with your lighter mixture. Place it in the fridge and let it sit for a while, then serve.

6. Turkey chocolate pretzel sticks

Get some large pretzel sticks, semi-sweet chocolate, and candy corn for these snacks. You'll start by melting down your chocolate in a pan. Once it's fully melted, stick in the pretzels and set them on some wax paper to harden. Decorate them with candy corn and candy eyes for cute little turkey pretzels!

7. Mandarin orange pumpkins

If you're looking for a healthier snack for the kids, then this is perfect for you! All you need are some pre-packaged mandarin oranges, green pipe cleaners, and you're set!

Take a small piece of the pipe cleaner and twist it into a curl. This will be the stem of the pumpkin. Once you have it ready, glue it to the bottom of the orange container, and you've got a little fall pumpkin at the ready! For extra fun, you can draw on little green leaves or vines.

8. Fallen leaf cookies

These cute little cookies are fun for the whole family! Grab some large pretzel sticks, your favorite cutout cookie recipe, semi-sweet chocolate, and some leaf-shaped sprinkles.

Start by making your cookies and cutting them into little trapezoids. You'll want to make them nice and thick so that you can put imprints into the top of them. This will make them look like rakes!

Once they're done baking and cooling off, you can start heating up your chocolate again. Dip a pretzel into the chocolate and use it as an adhesive; attach the pretzel to the cookie and wait for it to harden. Then you can place the cookie into the chocolate and cover it in the little leaf sprinkles for these adorable rake cookies!

9. Turkey veggie platter

For another healthy dish, this turkey veggie platter is perfect! Grab your favorite vegetable dip and your favorite veggies, fanning them around the bowl in a colorful array for its feathers. You can then add little bits of veggies into the dip to give your turkey a little bath.

10. Reese's pieces turkey bowl

For a simple but fun craft, these turkey bowls make a great decoration and treat for you and the children. All you need is some red, brown, orange, and yellow paper, plus some Reese's Pieces or other similarly colored candies. Have your young ones trace their handprints on the paper and cut them out, then glue them onto the back of the bowl to create your turkey's tail. Fill the bowl with your candies, and you've got a festive turkey to decorate your home with!

Edible Thanksgiving crafts to get you in the holiday mood!

Keeping your children entertained at home doesn't have to be a challenge! These cute edible Thanksgiving crafts are sure to keep your kids happy during the holidays. 

What are your favorite holiday activities to do indoors? Do you have any recipes you're itching to share? Let us know at @hellosawyer.

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