While there are no shortage of games, virtual classes and other activities your little ones can play inside, it’s important to stretch those legs and get some sun! We put together some of our favorite outdoor games for kids. From old classics to new adventures, your little ones will surely have a blast: 

1. Capture The Flag 

I mean, who doesn’t love a game of capture the flag? While this game is played in large groups, you can easily keep space to encourage social distancing. Plant a flag or a marker in your “territory” (It could be your backyard, patio, or sidewalk) and try to capture the opposing team’s flag. For all the instructions head here!

2. Hide and Seek

Bringing hide-and-seek outdoors is always a blast. The best part is there’s no need for tools or materials!  

3. Kick the Can

Yup, kicking a can is actually fun. In this game one child kicks an empty can while counting to hundred. While they’re counting, the others hide. Check out the full directions here

4. Digging the Dinosaur

If you want to bring your children closer to nature and don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty, then oh boy do we have a game for you. Bury toy dinosaurs (or other toy critters) into the ground for your children to dig up and they’ll be trained paleontologists in no time (added bonus if you teach them the names of the dinosaurs)! 

5. Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts can be organized at any time of the year. You just have to think of suitable treasures. What’s something that your child will love finding?  You probably shouldn’t bury any Paw Patrol toys...that might lead to a meltdown if they actually go missing. 

6. Gardening 

You’re never too young to develop a green thumb. Teach your children how to love and care for plants and they’ll gain an appreciation for nature! Watching a seed grow is incredibly fulfilling. Your little ones will love seeing the growth they were able to foster.

7. Frog Race or Sack Race

What child doesn’t love racing and running? For those reasons, this is a classic. First you need to track down some potato sacks. Once that’s complete, put all the children into their sacks, making sure they go up to their waist. Pick a starting line and a finish line, then watch them hop with all their might!

8. Ninja Training

Ninja training is about being both sneaky and active! The only rules when you’re a ninja? Don’t touch the ground! Hop from leaf to leaf or rock to rock. Not only is this great exercise, it’s fun to pretend you’re running on rooftops! If your little ones love doing this, consider exploring parkour classes

9. Urban Safari 

There’s no better way to learn about the animal kingdom! Strap on your adventure boots, grab a pair of binoculars, and get ready to explore. Bonus if you dress-up in safari gear (because who doesn’t love a little role-playing?). Explore parks and trails and watch for birds, butterflies, and other animals.

10. Tag and Run

Need we say more? This classic game will get your little ones running and moving! But who will be “it”? The goal is to evade a tag from the infamous “it” — if you’re caught, then you’re “it”! We’ve never had to write down the instructions for “tag” before, but hopefully this helps you! 

11. Steal The Hanky

It could be a hanky or any other object. Each member of the team is given a number. When your number is called, the representative from each team must dash to grab the object and bring it to their side.

12. Tug Of War

No introduction needed here! Your little ones will learn how to work together while exercising in a fun way. 

13. Musical Chairs

Place your chairs in a circle, but leave one out based on the number of children playing (six kids playing? Only use 5 chairs!). Start the music, and as soon as the music stops you’ll need to grab a seat. If you don’t get a seat, you’re out! This goes on till there is just one chair and two players.   

14. Go for A Hike 

Evade the crowds and check out some foliage when you go for a hike on a trail or woods near you. Getting some fresh air while building strength and stamina? Yes, please! 

15. Hopscotch

Even if there is no one else to play the game with, you can draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground. Join your children as they hop, skip, and jump to the end.  

16. Build A Fort

Make use of all those old Amazon boxes and build a fort outside. It can become a cozy space for reading, snacks, and more fun! Your little ones will feel a sense of accomplishment after building a structure they can play in (you might need to help them out along the way a bit!). For tips on our indoor forts, we have the perfect guide to help.  

17. Roller Skating

Roller skating is making a comeback and we’re here for it! The sport teaches balance and coordination, and is a great activity for your little ones to try out — just make sure they have the right protective gear on!  

18. H-O-R-S-E 

Do you have access to a basketball hoop? If so, you’re in business! Play with a friend by taking shots with a basketball — if you make the shot, your buddy has to make it too! If they miss, they get a letter. The game is over once you spell out H-O-R-S-E.

19. Sardines

The opposite of hide-and-seek!  In this version, one child hides while everyone else tries to find  them. Once you find the little one who’s hiding, you join them — the last person to find the hiding crew loses. 

20. Sprinkler Time

This works well for small children (and only if you’re in a warm area!). Switch on the sprinklers and jump back and forth through the water!  You’ll score a point each time you evade touching the water.  

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