The cold months often make it hard to find fun activities for kids to do. As the weather gets chillier, it's a chance to get creative with your children's activities both inside and outside of your home. These next few months shouldn't be a bore because the weather is gray and dreary. Here are 10 things to do with your little ones during the winter months.

1. Cookie decorating party

Need an excuse to eat more cookies? We’ve got you covered. A cookie decorating party is a holiday season classic and a great activity for the whole family.

Enjoy the quality time baking the cookies, trying new recipes, and resisting the urge to eat all the batter (it’s tough...we’ve tried). You can even turn the party into a competition. See who makes the most creative cookie decoration with the spread of ingredients.

No matter the outcome, everyone's a winner when there are dozens of cookies at the end.

2. Try a new winter craft

Since you’ll be spending more time inside it’s a great chance to get creative. There are so many easy DIYs and crafts that the entire family will love. The best part? You can use common household items as the base for many crafts.

With older children, you can also try new mediums like cross-stitching, sewing, and knitting. There are easy patterns for beginners to try, and the finished projects make great holiday gifts!

3. Ice skating

How can you have a list of winter activities without one of the most classic winter activities of all? Ice skating is a tried and true winter must. It's fun for kids of all ages, great for families, and the ideal outdoor activity to meet up and do with friends.

Many cities offer outdoor rinks for all ages. But you can also look for natural options like local lakes and ponds. Just be sure to follow safety precautions laid out before skating on natural ice.

4. Indoor s'mores

S'mores are a go-to during the winter! The ooey-gooey, sweet goodness is the perfect quick dessert option that every family member will love. You can make s'mores in the oven or opt for a s'more maker.

If you have a fireplace, you can even roast your marshmallows there. Get creative and think of new s'mores recipes. Add new elements like salty potato chips or savory bacon; you never know what your favorite combination might be. 

5. Nature scavenger hunt

You can still explore nature in the colder months. A winter hike is a great way to get some exercise and spend some time outdoors. Make it fun and educational with a themed scavenger hunt.

Make a list of animals, plants, and other nature items you may see on your journey. Have your little ones check them off as they find them. You can even use some items like pine cones and branches in crafts and DIYs.

6. A train trip

Want to enjoy nature while staying inside? Then a winter train trip might be for you! This unique idea will show off the magic of the season as you wind your way through gorgeous scenery.

There are many holiday towns throughout the US that trains will stop at, so it's a great way to travel during the winter. 

7. Sleigh ride or horse-drawn carriage

Straight out of a holiday carol, a sleigh ride or a horse-drawn carriage are quintessential to the winter season. You can usually find these at winter festivals, in a city's downtown area, Christmas tree farms.

Your little ones will love the whimsical ride through the snowy scenery. And if you're lucky, you may spot Santa!

8. Create a hot chocolate bar

After spending a day outside, what better way is there to warm up than with a steam cup of hot chocolate? This seasonal favorite is a must, but that doesn't mean you can't dress the classic up.

You can use a classic recipe or try one that's homemade. Making your own whipped cream is easy and adds something special to a hot chocolate bar. Try different toppings like cinnamon, peppermint, and toffee on top.

9. Snow painting

For a unique outdoor activity in your own backyard, try snow painting. It's great for creative children who need to get outside for a bit. And painting on snow is an easy and harmless activity.

You can use water mixed with a few drops of food coloring to make your paint. Try using different mediums like a paintbrush for classic brush strokes or a spray bottle for spray paint.

Your child can even make a snowman or a snow fort first and then decorate their creations with paint.

10. Go sledding

How could we forget this winter classic? Children of all ages love sledding; it's a crowd favorite all season long. Find a good hill and grab your trusty sled or toboggan and race your way to the bottom.

Many snow parks and ski resorts also offer snow tubing, a similar outdoor activity. This is great if you don't have a sledding hill near you but still want to enjoy the winter classic. Plus, it may make for a great day trip.

Winter fun activities for kids guaranteed

Whether you're indoors or outdoors, there's always some fun activities for kids to do this winter! This season offers its own unique charm, which means the excitement doesn't have to stop just because of the weather.

Everyone loves the classics like playing in the snow, but there's so much more that this season has to offer. Try one of these unique activities alongside your winter staples, and you'll have non-stop fun during the cold months!

Excited about the season's upcoming fun? Check out more ideas for the holiday season.

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