As the weather warms up, the team at Sawyer has fun and free activities to keep your family having fun and staying cool this summer! As we head into a holiday weekend, ensure there's never a dull moment — even when you're inside! We'll be tackling these great activities for all ages and interests all summer long!

1. Make popsicles together

Making homemade popsicles to share with the kids is an easy way to offer nutritious foods in a fun format. Make them with whatever fruits you have at home and even consider adding greek yogurt since it adds both protein and a super creamy texture. Paired with the fresh strawberries and lemon, the frozen yogurt is naturally sweet and indulgent tasting.

Here are a few of our favorite flavor combinations:

- Rainbow Popsicles

- Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

- Lava Flow Popsicles

- Homemade Fudgesicles

2. Start a journal

Encourage your little one to document their adventures this summer! Start a journal and have them write down something every day that represents what they did, learned, and saw. 

Revisit the journal at the end of the summer to relive all the fun all over again!

3. Draw a self portrait 

Challenge your little one to draw a picture of themselves. Encourage them to add in their favorite sports, activities, and foods. Though it may seem simple, it’s a great way to see your child how they see themselves!

4. Sink or float

This basic science experiment is perfect for schoolers or makes for an exciting indoor activity for toddlers. And bonus, it uses water—which is perfect on a hot summer day. Fill the sink, tub or a plasticware bin with cool water. Pick a few waterproof items, predict if the objects will sink or float and then toss them in. 

5. At home marching band

Have your child imagine that they’re leading a large parade. Have them think about the different instruments, who is leading the parade, and how they are marching. No matter if it’s through your living room or across your backyard, your little one will have a great time! 

6. Listen to a kids podcast

Podcasts are a great way and fun way of keeping kids entertained and learning, without a screen! These podcasts are great ways to enjoy for both children and parents. With topics ranging from Science to Stories, there’s tons to hear!

Not sure where to start? We love Circle Round, Aaron’s World, and Ear Snacks!

7. Balloon ball

Using paper plates and paddle pop sticks, create tennis racquets. Clear a large space, free of tripping hazards or breakables. Blow up a balloon and play a game of indoor tennis, hitting the balloon back and forth with the plate racquets. This is a great game when you have lots of kids, non competitive and just a whole lot of fun!

8. Tickle tag

Quite self explanatory! The adult is “it” and chases the children. Once you are tagged, a tickle war begins. 

9. Make a bird feeder

Invite summertime birds to your yard with a DIY bird feeder. To make it, simply coat sticks with peanut butter and roll them in birdseed. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach kids about nature and animals.

10. Paint outside

When painting outside, there’s no need to worry about making a mess. Just use washable paint and the medium of your choice, whether it's construction paper, cardboard, or blocks. You can also create outdoor artwork with sidewalk chalk.

11. Decorate rocks and create your own rock garden

The next time you embark on a hike, have your children collect rocks. At home, they can decorate the stones with paint, stickers, markers, glitter, and other art supplies. Display the finished products around the house, use them as paperweights, or give them to relatives!

12. Learn how clouds hold water

This fun activity helps develop fine motor skills, focus and coordination, all while learning the very basic concept of how clouds hold water and when they become too heavy it starts to rain.

Check out the directions here!

13. Create glowing water!

This indoor activity is completely cool—in both senses of the word. Explore the wild world of tonic water, experimenting with its ability to glow (really, it does). Make tonic water ice cubes, pop them out of the freezer and take them to a dark room. Turn off all the lights, turn on a black light and watch the glow.

14. Have a summer time penpal

We’re all missing our friends and family during this time. Channel that energy into something fun and educational for your family! Help your little one create a mailbox and write letters to friends and family. Teach your child about how the postal system works and mail the letters together. Coordinate with your penpal to make sure that your little one gets something back! 

15. Fish for letters 

All you need is magnetic letters (like the ones you put on a fridge), a magnetic wand, a bucket and water. Drop the magnetic letters into the water and have your little one pick up different letters with the magnetic wand. Take it a step further and brainstorm words and actions that are related to the numbers. 

16. Create pasta jewelry

Take a variety of dried pastas and dye them with all natural food coloring! To dye your pasta, place the noodles and shapes in a plastic cup and cover all of the pasta with rubbing alcohol. Add about 25 drops of food coloring (the more you concentrate, the more vibrant the colors!) and let them sit for about 2 hours. Once the colors are perfect for your design, take them out and put them in a colander to dry.

Once the pasta is dry, string your shapes onto some yarn or a string. Make bracelets, necklaces, belts, and even a crown!

17. Animal tape rescue

For this activity, all you need is a large cookie sheet, some masking tape and some small toys (we find that small plastic dinosaurs work best). Flip the cookie sheet upside down so that you have a large surface to work with. Take each item on the back of the try with masking tape. It’s now up to your little one to “free” all of their friends from the tape! 

18. Start a toy parade

Tape lines on the carpet and set out some tiny toys to have a giant parade. This festive event is the one parade you don't want to miss this summer! 

19. Create a flower garden

Whether it’s a plot outside or a planter indoors, create a small garden for your little ones to watch their plants grow! Get them into a routine of watering and tending to their plants and make sure to take photos and record how your plants grow throughout the summer!

20. Create a life-size drawing

Stick a load of A4 sheets of paper together (or if you have a big paper roll even better!) and place it on the floor. Encourage the kids to lie down on it and outline their body with a pen. From this moment on there is no way to stop the kids getting creative: color in, add accessories to the figures like stickers or stamps, design clothes with old material offcuts or other things you might find in the art drawer. The kids will have lots of fun with the real-size copies and you may have something really special to decorate their bedroom wall afterwards.

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