Less than 24% of children between the ages of 6-17 get 60-minutes of exercise per day. This is the minimum recommended time of physical activity to prevent health issues — and have fun! Online jazz dance classes are a great choice for those who want to be creative and stay active at the same time. 

Studies have indicated that students who stay active do better academically, miss less school, and have better behavior. Students who participate in more physical activity also have higher concentration and retention levels — so finding activities to help them stay active is important!  

In this article, we'll show you how these classes can benefit every member of your family!


1. Jazz helps children stay active 

Jazz dance lessons are a great way for children to move, groove, and get a good cardio workout. Jazz dance is the perfect activity for those children who need to find an fun and different activity to stay active — whether they’re a star athlete or not interested in traditional sports. 

Dancing will help any sedentary kid get up off the couch and start moving! Dancing is also a full-body workout because it helps children improve flexibility and strength through the different movements taught in jazz.

Jazz can also help improve coordination and range of motion since it requires a student to dance using different parts of their body.


2. Get social through jazz lessons 

Jazz lessons — that take place online or in-person — are a great way for children to connect and socialize. Dance lessons require interacting and working with a teacher and other students. This is the perfect activity for shy children who need a bit of help getting out of their shell. 

Shared interests help children make lifelong friends. Through jazz lessons, children can learn how to get past any stage fright by performing with peers in front of a teacher. When group gatherings and outings with friends are restricted, an online dance class is a great way for kids to have fun, get moving, and spend time with others safely. 


3. Jazz classes increase confidence and self-esteem

When kids participate in jazz music activities, they can build  confidence. In fact, self-esteem is one of the greatest benefits of jazz dance lessons for children. Dancing teaches children to become comfortable in their own skin. As kids learn more about who they are and develop opinions, they'll learn to be comfortable in other areas of life as well. 

Dance classes teach children to stand taller and believe in themselves. Movement classes encourage kids to think positively about themselves as they continue to learn to dance and improve. Children also learn to embrace feedback and grow from their coaches and instructors — a life skill that can be taken into adulthood. 


4. Jazz can improve mental health 

Mental health, like physical health, is something that should never be ignored. Improved mental health can lead to a healthier and happier life. 

Encouraging children to participate in activities that  improve mental health is one of the best choices a parent can make for their child. Jazz music for kids is a great method for improving mental health because dance encourages children to express their feelings healthily and productively. When children feel frustrated about something and don't have the language to express it, dance can be their way of getting through a tough time. Dancing their emotions out will help students feel better and work through difficult emotions. 


5. Dance teaches discipline 

Children are challenged by learning new subjects . Signing them up for a jazz dance lesson can teach kids to become more disciplined than before. As they practice, they'll see themselves improve and work harder in each class. 

Dance classes are a great way for children to learn how to focus. When they login to an online class they'll be ready to learn every move and will learn how to retain knowledge and remember moves in a new way. These new skills will come in handy when they're preparing for a school test. 

As a child sees themselves improve with each class, they'll be more motivated to keep pushing themselves in everything they do. 


6. An avenue for creativity 

Jazz for kids is a great way to explore creativity and participate in art. Art programs are vital for children because they help kids do better academically and express themselves in different ways. 

If children don't like to draw or act, jazz dance  is a great alternative to pursue as a creative endeavor. Students will have fun exploring new ways of moving along to the music. They'll also have a place to channel all the energy they have. 

Creative expression is an important part of childhood development. Through jazz dance lessons, children will be exposed to different kinds of music they might not get the opportunity to discover elsewhere. 


7. The importance of working with others 

While dancing doesn't always have to be a group sport, it requires collaboration. Jazz dancing will help students learn how to work with their instructor and peers to create a dance routine they can all be proud of. 

Learning to dance with their peers is a great way for children to learn about teamwork and how to trust others. This is a life skill they'll need in every area of their life. Being a team player and listening to different ideas can help children become more well-rounded individuals as they grow up. 


The benefits of online jazz dance classes explained

Online jazz dance classes are a great activity for parents to enroll their children in. There are so many benefits to dance lessons including learning how to express creativity and emotion healthily and staying physically active in a fun way. 

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