Being stuck inside because of rainy weather does not have to be a one stop trip to “I’m bored” city. Instead, you can make the most out of rainy days with fun and enriching activities at home and elsewhere!

We’ve outlined some of our favorite rainy day activities for kids, including games, crafts, and more. Plus, we’ve included ways to find indoor things to do with your family like searching on Sawyer for activities from educators near you!

Indoor activities for kids

Keeping your children entertained at home does not need to equal movie marathons and unlimited screen time. While getting cozy and enjoying a family film together is a fun rainy day activity, depending on your child’s age, it might not be the best experience. Young children have shorter attention spans and are more active, so they are likely more interested in games, arts & crafts, and other fun indoor activities.

Indoor games for kids

Let’s start with games. Healthy competition is a great way for children to gain confidence, establish good habits, and have fun with friends and family. Try some of these fun games that can be played indoors at home with your child.

  • Paper airplane flying contest. This is a fun and educational game that can be played with children of all ages. Show your little ones how to make a paper airplane and talk to them about the benefits of different styles. Then, throw your airplanes and see which one goes the farthest!
  • Trivia. If your children love fun facts, you can set up a Jeopardy! style trivia game to keep them entertained and learning on a rainy day. You can include small prizes and rewards so they stay interested for longer.
  • Hide and seek. A classic for a reason! Children love to be both the hider and the seeker and this indoor game is one that won’t mess up your house (too much at least). Just make sure to set some ground rules to keep everyone safe.
  • Indoor scavenger hunt. Set up a scavenger hunt in your home and let your children run wild. Ask them to bring back certain items, make things like drawings or poems, and see how much fun they have. The best part? After you set it up, you can just sit back and let them explore until they have finished. Use our guide with scavenger hunt ideas for inspiration.
  • Simon Says. Simon Says is not only a fun game for children to play, but also an educational one! It teaches children to listen carefully and practice impulse control. And they don’t even know it. They just think they are having a good time doing silly things.

Arts & crafts for kids

Setting up arts & crafts for your children is another great rainy day activity. Children love to get their hands dirty and be creative, which is one of the best parts of art activities and crafting. Here are some of our favorite arts & crafts for kids that you can set up on the next rainy day.

  • Make a collage. Collages are a form of mixed media art, which is art that uses different types of materials like paper, paint, clay, photography, and more. It is perfect for children because there are no rules! Check out our guide to exploring mixed media art with your family.
  • Create egg carton butterflies. First, make scrambled eggs for the whole family. Then, use the egg cartons to make beautiful butterflies and decorate them. This is also a great way to teach your child about recycling! Use our guide to making egg carton butterflies to get the instructions.
  • Build popsicle stick superheroes. Popsicles are always tasty, even when the weather is nasty. The stick acts as the body and then you can cut circles out of card stock paper for the superhero’s head. Then, get to designing! You can either recreate existing superheroes like Spiderman and Captain America or totally make up your own like Tree Woman. Later, you can use your popsicle heroes for puppet shows or even bookmarks! Looking for more superhero activities and crafts? Check our guide.
  • Make flowers out of paper. Showers bring flowers, but you can get your flowers blooming before the rain even stops! Use our guide with instructions on how to make your own flowers out of paper so that you can bring some beauty and color into your home while the sky is gray.
  • Design with pasta. Pasta should always be a staple in your children's arts and crafts supplies. Teach them some counting skills by having them add up the pieces they will need to make a necklace or bracelet. Then, bring out the paint and glitter to decorate the pasta and some string to put it all together. Your child will love wearing the art they create. 

Indoor toddler activities

Toddlers require a lot more attention and activity than older children. Therefore, rainy days can feel a bit longer when you have a toddler at home. Try these indoor toddler activities to keep them busy and keep yourself sane.

  • Explore sensory activities. Sensory activities are great for toddlers! They get the chance to increase awareness of their surroundings, develop problem solving skills, and strengthen fine motor skills. Build a sensory bin for your toddler or try another sensory activity like finger painting, building with blocks, blowing bubbles, and more. 
  • Do a puzzle. Puzzles are great problem solving activities for little brains. Set your toddler up with an age appropriate and watch them figure it out. Then, the best part is seeing how proud they are when they do! Here are some of our favorite puzzles for toddlers, babies, and kids.
  • Have fun in the bath. Yes, that’s right, bathtime is an activity! Especially if it is summer and raining, get your toddler in the bath and pretend it’s the swimming pool. Bring some water toys, bath paints, and other fun bath activities to keep the fun going.
  • Get in the kitchen. Heading into the kitchen with your toddler can be a fun (and yes, messy) rainy day activity. You can sign up for a virtual cooking class and let an instructor lead the way or you can do it on your own! Try something on the simple side, like baking cookies, making chocolate chip pancakes, or creating your own ice cream. Just be ready for the cleanup! Here are some more cooking activities for kids you might enjoy.
  • Build a fort. Little ones love forts. They can practice problem solving, spatial awareness, and more important skills while building a fort with you. Then, get inside and cozy and read a fun book together! Use our guide to help you build a fort with your family.

Indoor things to do with kids near me

If you are looking to leave your house but stay inside because of rainy weather, do not worry! There are many options for great indoor things to do with kids nearby. We recommend checking out Sawyer to see what educators are offering in your neighborhood. 

  • Go to an indoor playground or play space. All of the fun of playing outside, but without worrying about the weather! Indoor playgrounds often have slides, ball pits, monkey bars, and so much more. Plus, the floor is usually made up of soft material to keep your child safe. Usually, you can drop in for open play or group activities at a moment’s notice.
  • Get groovy in a music class. Music classes are great for children of all ages. Music helps them increase language skills, recognize sounds and melodies, and just have fun in a different way. Check out music classes near you.
  • Go to a museum. Depending on your child’s age, a trip to a museum can be a perfect activity on a rainy day. If your child is younger, try to find a children’s museum with hands-on activities. If they are a bit older, you can explore a museum that interests them like natural history, art, science, or something else!
  • Move your body in a dance class. When children participate in dance class, they work on hand eye coordination, confidence, and spatial awareness. Dance classes can be semester-based or drop-in. Look for one that your child can check out on a rainy day and they might find their next favorite activity!
  • Build and create in a STEM class. Coding, robotics, science, and more: STEM has it all! If your child is interested in exploring these topics, a drop-in STEM class can be a perfect rainy day activity. Find STEM classes near you on Sawyer

We hope this article has given you some helpful tips and ideas for rainy day activities that your family can enjoy. If you are looking for more in-person and online activities for your family, check out Sawyer and see what our wonderful educators have to offer!

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