Art and crafts activities for little ones provide so many benefits for children!

As children's brains develop, they'll need practice using their fine motor skills. Creating DIY crafts is a great way parents can have fun with their little ones while enhancing fine motor skills. Making flowers out of paper encourages self-expression and allows children to get creative

Parents can sit down with their children and work on creating paper flowers together. Not only is it lots of fun — it’s a great bonding experience too! In the guide below, parents can discover several steps for making paper flowers with their children. 

Getting Started

Before you get started on your new flower project, there are a few supplies they'll need to gather. 

  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Multiple Sheets of thin paper (tissue paper can be used as well)

Once all the necessary supplies are gathered, parents and children can then move on to the next step. 

Step 1: Fold your paper

Now it's time to fold the paper. If a piece of paper isn't square, cut your papers with your children to create a square shape (make sure to keep an eye on your little ones when they’re using scissors!). Then, fold your paper in half diagonally. 

The end result should be a triangle. 

Once a triangle is formed, fold your triangle in half to create an even smaller triangle. This triangle should be folded in half, again. If you’ve followed this step correctly, you should now have an even tinier triangle. 

Step 2: Begin cutting

Next, turn your triangles to the side so the long flat side is on the right and vertical. The corner of the triangle without paper flaps showing should be at the bottom. Next, take the triangle corner on the left side and bring it into the middle, lining it up with the vertical long side to the right.

This will create a horizontal fold in the middle. You should then cut right above this line. With the flat vertical side of the triangle kept to the right, draw an arch starting 1/2 an inch from the bottom corner, making its way to the top. 

The arch should then be cut out, removing the top left corner. 

Step 3: Unfold and reveal

The next step requires great care! Unfold the paper gently. Once unfolded, you should see the shape of a flower! Take another piece of paper and cut out a small circle to then glue to the center of the flower.

Once the glue has dried, the project is complete! Repeat this process as much as you want using different-colored paper for a variety of flowers.

Children can learn more DIY crafts 

There are countless DIY crafts you can create! If your little ones are showing an interest in arts and crafts, then art classes might be the next step. Or, explore art activities you can do from home!

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