For children and adults alike, spring is like a reawakening into the world after the dark and chilly months of winter. Springtime also creates a lot of opportunities for children to learn about science, create beautiful arts & crafts, and get back outdoors. And the best spring activities for children combine all of those elements!

To help you celebrate the new season, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spring crafts for kids, toddlers, and infants. Many of these are inspired by our wonderful educators on Sawyer! If you are looking for in-person and online activities for children this spring, our educators have you covered.

Spring crafts for preschoolers

Keeping your toddler occupied is a full-time job. Luckily for you, spring crafts give you a chance to teach your child while letting them create art and use their hands. With these spring crafts for preschoolers, make sure you explain what you are doing so they can learn as they create.

Ladybug stones

This is a really fun and easy craft for little ones. Head outside and find round or oval-shaped stones. Then, come back inside and get the paints out. Ask your little one to decorate their stone like a ladybug. While they paint their stone, you can explain that ladybugs come out in the spring and eat pests that ruin plants. They are important to our ecosystem and we should respect them when we meet them outside.

Sponge paint cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are such a beautiful part of spring. If you can, take your toddler to see cherry blossoms blooming nearby. Then, come home and recreate what you saw using a sponge or even bubble wrap. Pour out the pink paint and let them dab away to make their own blossoms! Looking for more flower crafts? Read our guide to learn how to make flowers out of paper.

Paper bag butterflies

Start with a paper bag, which you can keep brown or have your toddler paint the color of their choosing. While the paint dries, decorate 2 white doilies with whatever colors and patterns your child wants to use. These will become the wings for the butterfly. Arrange your paper bag so the bottom flap is in the front and glue the doilies in the back like wings. Then, have your child decorate the flap as the face of the butterfly. They can give it a smile, googly eyes, and more. Then, attach 2 pipe cleaners to the top as antennae. 

Photo of spring crafts for preschoolers

Spring crafts for infants

You might notice a pattern in the spring crafts for infants: using their hands, feet, and fingers to create art. But hey, what can we say! Infants are just learning how to do everything and these types of activities are perfect for them to explore with their bodies and create fun art with the adults and other children in their lives. Plus, you get adorable keepsakes to remember how tiny their little feet and hands were

Footprint vase with handprint flowers

Your little one will love the mess involved in this activity! Dip your infant’s foot into blue paint and stamp it on a piece of paper to create a “vase.” Then, dip their hands in different colored paint and stamp them above the vase to create “flowers.” Draw a stem with green marker or paint so it looks like flowers in a vase!

Fingerprint flowers or cherry blossoms

In this activity, use your infant’s little fingers to create flower petals and then draw the rest of the scene for them. You can also use their fingerprints to create cherry blossoms!

Paper plate bunny with footprint ears

Bunnies are big in springtime, whether you are celebrating Easter or just noticing the abundance in the backyard. On a white paper plate, draw a bunny’s face and then glue that plate to a larger piece of non-white paper. Then, you guessed it, dip your infant’s feet in white paint and stamp them above the bunny’s head to create the ears. Looking for more Easter activities for kids? Check out our guide!

Photo of spring crafts for infants

Spring crafts for kids

If you have elementary aged children or older, springtime might mean a return to outdoor sports, getting ready for summer camp, and seeing science in action. But, they’re not too old for crafts! Gather the family together and take part in these spring crafts for kids of all ages.

Origami baseball jersey

Spring and baseball go hand-in-hand. If your child loves the sport, you can make origami baseball jerseys together using just white printer paper and colored pencils to decorate the jerseys. There are many benefits of origami for kids including hand dexterity, patience, and perseverance. Use this guide to learn how to make baseball jerseys out of paper.

Decorate camp items

If your child is going to day camp or sleepaway camp over the summer, they will need to spend time preparing. Gathering all of the materials on the camp list and labeling them so your child knows what is theirs is important. Then, you can let them have fun and decorate their flip flops, hats, shower caddy, sunglasses, and anything else they might bring with them.

Start a garden

Crafting doesn’t have to be just traditional paper art. Instead, you can think about crafting as something you do with your hands, whether that’s inside, outside, or on the computer. In this case, gardening with kids is a great spring craft for the whole family. It creates bonding time as well as helps children learn about the importance of taking care of the environment, eating healthy, and being responsible.

Photo of spring crafts for kids

We hope this list has inspired you and your family to create some great spring crafts for kids, toddlers, and infants. If you are looking for exciting in-person and virtual camps and activities, check out what our educators are offering on Sawyer.