Spring is a great season for children and adults alike. The blooming flowers, rising temperatures, and fun opportunities for outdoor activities bring smiles to everyone’s faces. One of the best parts of spring, though, are the holidays! Both Easter and Passover fall during this season so children get their spring break from school to celebrate these holidays and spend time with family.

To help you get in the holiday mood, we’ve rounded up our favorite Easter activities for kids, including fun Easter crafts, games, and printables. We’ve also outlined our favorite Passover activities for kids in a separate guide. Plus, if you are looking for spring break camps for kids, you can explore what our wonderful educators are offering on Sawyer!

Easter activities for kids

Easter crafts for preschoolers and toddlers

When you have young children home from daycare or preschool, keeping them busy can feel like an impossible task. Try some of these easy Easter crafts for preschoolers and toddlers, which will be fun for the little ones and not too stressful for you. Plus, you’ll get some cute Easter decorations in the end!

Easter egg rocks

This is a great activity for toddlers because it gets them out of the house first. Before you get to the craft, take a walk with your children in the yard or at the park to find some egg-shaped rocks. Children gain a lot of benefits from outdoor play and exploration like a closer connection to nature, less screen time, a better night’s sleep, and more! Once you’ve found the perfect rocks, return home and decorate them like you would Easter eggs. Now your child has their own Easter eggs that they can keep all year long!

Paper plate Easter bunny

One of our favorite easy Easter crafts for toddlers is a paper plate Easter bunny. All you need to do is take a white paper plate and fold down the bottom third, so it has a flat bottom. Then, draw a bunny face in the center and add colorful whiskers with pipe cleaners. Use felt or colored paper to create the ears and attach them to the top of the plate. Your child can decorate however they’d like by adding glitter, googly eyes, sparkles, and more!

Handprint bunnies

What preschooler can say no to handprint crafts? For these bunnies, dip your child’s hand in white paint and then stamp it onto a piece of green paper. Try to get their hands into a “Vulcan salute” with their index finger and middle finger next to each other and then space between their ring finger and pinky, which should also be next to each other. This will get the print to look more like bunny ears! Then, help them decorate their handprint bunny and the surroundings.

Looking for more spring crafts for kids, toddlers, and infants? Use our guide for your next arts & crafts day.

Photo of Easter crafts for kids

Easter games for kids

If you have family or friends over for an Easter party or celebration, you’ll need activities that can keep everyone entertained. Check out some of our favorite Easter games for kids and families to get the ball rolling.

Egg or water balloon toss

If the weather is warm, an egg toss is a fun game that will definitely make a splash (get it?!). You can use painted Easter eggs, regular eggs, or colored water balloons for this game. Have the children pair up and then take turns underhand tossing the egg or water balloon to each other. After one tosses, they take one step back. The team that goes the farthest when their egg or balloon breaks is the winner!

Pin the tail on the bunny

Classics are classic for a reason! Pin the tail on the bunny is just like pin the tail on the donkey except it’s a bunny instead of course. This is a great game because children of all ages can have fun and play together. If you have a mixed group of ages, let the older children help the younger ones so they all feel included.


Get some bunny ears on your children and watch them bunny hop during a fun game of hopscotch! This is a great way to encourage outdoor play and have fun in the sun while celebrating Easter. Check out some of our other favorite outdoor games for kids in our article.

Photo of Easter games for kids

Family Easter games

Easter activities for families are a great way to bond, have fun, and spend time together. Check out some of our favorite family Easter games that are sure to keep everyone entertained.

  • Easter egg hunt. This is a give-in, but bonus if you include some trivia with the Easter eggs and make the children answer the questions before they get their prizes!
  • Easter scavenger hunt. Why just look for eggs? Create a full scavenger hunt for your whole family to enjoy!
  • Easter egg cornhole. Break out the cornhole, but use plastic Easter eggs instead. It’s fun for the whole family - yes, even your teenager!
  • Nature safari. Walk around your neighborhood and local parks to see how many real bunnies, birds, and other animals you can find. Make it a competition so that the whole family is excited to play.
  • Talent show. When the family gets together, it’s fun to see how everyone shines. Put on an Easter talent show and get a chance to learn hidden talents and have fun together.

Printable Easter activities

Sometimes, the best way to keep your children entertained and having fun is by using printables. They are easy, oftentimes educational, and a great way to save time and energy that you can put to other uses! Here are some printable Easter activities that you can use this holiday season.

Photo of printable Easter activities

We hope this list of Easter activities for kids has inspired you and your family as you get ready for a great holiday. If you are looking for exciting in-person and virtual camps and activities, check out what our educators are offering on Sawyer.