As the leaves turn colors, it is hard not to pull out the camera and snap away. But, you know what would make those fall photos even better? Your beautiful family front and center! 

Taking professional or candid photos during the fall is a great way to appreciate nature, celebrate the changing of the seasons, and prepare for holiday cards. But, planning a photoshoot can be a lot of work. Lucky for you, the team at Sawyer has all of the fall family picture ideas to help you get your location and outfits ready.

Fall family photo ideas

Fall family picture outfit ideas

There are a lot of different ways to plan the attire for your fall family photos. Some families like to have everyone match and some like to dress parents and children up in complementary colors. On the other hand, you can also let each family member pick what feels comfortable to them and go with a more candid approach. 

Depending on your photographer, you might have the opportunity to do an outfit change. If that’s the case, maybe do one matching or complementary and one that is a bit more wacky like costumes or silly hats and glasses. Here are some do’s and don’ts of fall family picture outfit ideas.


  • Look sharp, but feel comfortable. If you have a fussy baby or getting-to-that-age tween, picking out clothes that they already love is a must. Skip the brand new shoes, itchy shirts, and restrictive pants so that everyone looks and feels good for the shoot.
  • If you choose to fully match, keep it simple. Maybe everyone wears a plaid shirt and jeans or khakis, or everyone wears light blue shirts. Try not to go overboard with matching because it can end up distracting.
  • If you choose not to match, pick complementary colors that go well together. Beiges, rusts, light blues, dark blues, greys, and golds all work well and fit with the fall theme.
Photo of fall outfits for photos


  • Avoid too-bright colors and very busy patterns because they are distracting and harsh on camera. Try not to clash with other family members’ outfits.
  • Don’t feel confined to one type of outfit. Mix & match the styles you and your children wear so there is variety in the images.
  • Make sure you pay attention to the amount of light when planning when to take your photos. Remember: it’s fall now so the sun sets earlier. Sunset pictures might seem like a nice idea, but it gets dark very quickly and then you won’t be able to get clear shots. Focus more on morning or afternoon shoots so you can get good, clear sunlight.
Photo of fall family picture outfit ideas

Outdoor fall family photos: Location, props, and more

Most people want to take fall photos outdoors because then they can take advantage of the beautiful foliage. If you live in the countryside, then you can probably use your backyard as the location for your outdoor fall family photos. However, for people who live in the suburbs or a city, finding a good location might take a little more work.


If you are looking to take outdoor fall family photos, we recommend looking online to see if there are any easy nature trails, apple or pumpkin orchards, or parks nearby that you can use for a photoshoot. If you live in the New York area, check out our NYC apple & pumpkin picking guide, where we’ve outlined great places for family fun and photos all of autumn!

When planning the location for your outdoor photos, keep in mind that you ideally don’t want any other people in the background. Especially if you are taking pictures at a popular public place like Central Park, think about when it will be the least busy. Try to find a background that is beautiful like a group of trees with leaves that are changing colors or a pond. 

Photo of outdoor fall family photos


If you plan to sit on the ground for some of your photos, consider bringing a blanket (and maybe even a picnic basket to add ambiance), so that you can protect your clothes from dirt. Likewise, if your children are older, you can bring a rake and take some photos raking and jumping into the leaf pile. 

You can also use leaves as props to throw in the air, hide behind, or spell out numbers, hearts, or initials. If you are at a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, definitely take pictures using the bounty of props around you. You can also go online and buy some photoshoot props to add to the fun.

Photo of fall photoshoot

Fall photoshoot ideas for kids

We get it. As parents, sometimes it just feels easier or more fun, honestly, to step behind the camera and let your children have the spotlight. If you want to just feature your little ones, these fall photoshoot ideas for kids will give you the inspiration you need.

Play up the fun

Since your children are the main attraction, this is the perfect time to have as much fun as possible. Do a round of photos in their Halloween costumes or in other fun outfits like Thing 1 and Thing 2 or Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. You can also use this opportunity to show off their talents. Maybe one of your children loves ballet: dress them in their tutu and flats. Maybe another loves reading: bring their favorite books to the park for the shoot. 

Keep it active

Children hate sitting still. If you want a successful photoshoot, let them be active while taking pictures. Raking, jumping in leaves, picking apples and pumpkins, playing with the family dog are all great ways to make the photos interactive for your children. For more fun fall activities for kids to inspire your shoot, check out our guide. Remember: the best smiles are real smiles.

Let them lead

Children are so creative and they love to make their opinions known. Since the photoshoot is just of your kids, why don’t you make it by your kids, too? Let them direct and star in the pictures and then you will have a funny story to include when posting and publishing them. Plus, your child can begin to explore a new passion. 

Try signing your child up for a photography class before the shoot so they can learn about composition, lighting, and more. Sawyer provider The Sprouting Image has great online classes for children of all ages!

Photo of fall photoshoot ideas for kids

Fall baby photoshoot ideas

Taking photos of your baby can sometimes be easier than an older child and sometimes it can be much, much harder. Crying baby photos have their place on social media, but if you are looking to get professional photos done, you probably want your baby to be happy. Therefore, you should make sure to pick a time that coincides with a generally smiley baby. That probably means post-nap and feeding and pre-poop.

If you are trying to get inspiration on some fall baby photoshoot ideas, we’ve got you covered. Try one of these and get ready for a cuteness overload.

  1. In a pumpkin. Nothing is cuter than a little baby sitting in a pumpkin. For this photo, make sure you dress your baby in neutral colors so the orange of the pumpkin really pops.
  2. In a pumpkin patch. Are you sensing a theme here? Rather than going through the effort of cutting and cleaning a pumpkin, you can also get a great photo by putting your baby in a big pumpkin patch. Visually, it makes for a great shot and most importantly, it is not too difficult for you!
  3. On a wagon. What is it about wagons that just screams fall? Whether you find a beautiful wagon at an orchard or pumpkin patch or your photographer has one on hand for these types of photos, a decorated wagon near some fall foliage is a great place for fall baby photos.
  4. In a pile of leaves. Depending on the age of your baby, a pile of leaves might not be the right choice, but if you are sure that it is safe for your child, it makes for a great picture. Plus, you get the raking out of the way at the same time!
  5. Surrounded by foliage. Hear us out: fall foliage + your baby = beautiful photos.
  6. Dressed up for Halloween. Whether they are matching your outfit or on their own, costumed babies are always a winner
  7. On a hay bale. Our last favorite fall baby photoshoot idea is a classic. Take a trip to a local farm and make use of the hay bales to get great pictures of your baby. Try to dress your baby in bright fall colors to offset the beige of the hay.
Photo of fall baby photoshoot ideas

Once your photoshoot is over, spend some time with your children doing fall craft projects like creating themed picture frames to display your beautiful family photos. If you find yourself looking for activities or classes to help your children discover new passions, check out the Sawyer marketplace.

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