Opening Scene: A child’s playroom. A young boy is sprawled out on the floor wailing about how unfair it is that he has to clean up his Hot Wheels before someone breaks an ankle. His flair for the dramatic seemingly knows no bounds. A mom enters the room and thinks “How can we channel all of this drama into something productive, AFTER he cleans up the cars...?”

Enter acting classes!

Why acting classes are great for kids

If the scene we just set sounds awfully familiar, or your children have a love for playing pretend, singing, or dancing, acting classes might be a perfect fit!

Acting classes for children have multiple benefits, besides channeling all that drama-rama into something productive.

1. Acting classes teach teamwork and communication 

Acting is very rarely a one person activity and therefore it can help children learn to work together to create a scene. Maybe they will even take some of that teamwork back to your house and play nicely with their siblings!

2. They promote self-confidence 

The feeling of being on stage and nailing your lines can help your child’s self confidence soar. Getting over stage fright will help your child down the road too as they learn how to speak in front of an audience and command attention. 

3. They expose children to new ways of being smart and talented 

If your child isn’t into sports or struggles with school, maybe acting will be their “thing” that helps them shine. When children learn there is more than one way to be successful, that self confidence muscle we just mentioned grows even stronger.

4. Acting classes promote creativity 

What the world needs now is love, but we could also use some very creative problem solvers. Acting classes help children tap into their creative energy, adapt to a scene, and figure out how to bring their own unique spin to a character.

5. Acting classes are fun! 

Let’s not forget, the ultimate goal is for your child to have a great time. Acting classes bring groups of children together to make new friends, try new activities, and leave with a big smile on their faces. We could all use more smiles!

What happens in an acting class?

Acting classes for beginners include a variety of different topics and activities based on the specific class. 

For example, an improv acting class will include interactive games that push your children out of their comfort zone and teach them how to work together to create comedy. A musical theater class will include lots of fun dancing and singing and movement exercises that help children get their wiggles out. And an “Intro to Crying on Cue to Convince Mom You Need Ice Cream” doesn’t exist to our knowledge, which is good because acting classes are highly effective!

The overall goal of the acting class instructor is to help your child learn how their voices, minds, and bodies can tell a story, all while having a ton of fun. Just thinking about it makes us want to sign up for an adult class!

How can I get my child into acting?

If you’re ready for the lights, the cameras, and all the action, find an acting class that is right for your child.

Check out the full list of theater offerings (in person, virtual, and hybrid) through Sawyer. You’ll find a range of options including comedy, stage acting, film acting, voice lessons, and even a class on creating your own film.

Break a leg, everyone! (But not really, let’s avoid the emergency room for now, ‘kay?)

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