Are you looking to enroll your child in a dance class? If so, have you ever considered ballet classes?

Ballet is a great hobby to try but is often overlooked by parents. However, the benefits of ballet are huge, plus, it can offer all the benefits most sports can.

Who knows? They might even become a professional dancer? In this article, we'll break down the key reasons why your child should take up ballet classes. We'll outline the biggest benefits and explain how it can help their development.

1. They'll learn respect

We’ve all heard it before..”kids these days don’t have good manners!” When did that become a slogan?

It's unfair to apply this to every child but it's important every young person learns to respect others. By doing this then it will set them up for success later in life.

Ballet is fantastic because all children must show respect for the ballet masters and mistresses. They must learn to listen to instructions, show respect for the space and other dancers.


2. Ballet is great for a child's health and well-being

We all want our children to be healthy — that’s a no brainer! But developing good habits can be tough. While we have gotten more relaxed about screen time, spending too much time in front of one means you don’t get to move around! 

Ballet is great because it builds up a child's strength and agility. From twirling to jumping, their muscles will become stronger through dance! In fact, professional ballet dancers can rival top athletes in terms of strength. 

When children go to ballet classes, they are active for the entire session. This helps to get their heart rate up and they'll get a sweat on. They'll also be able to learn strength training and proper stretching techniques. All this allows them to develop a love for exercise and looking after themselves.


3. They can make new friends

A major benefit of ballet classes for kids is the social component to the classes. Children get the chance to meet new friends and work together. And this isn’t even just for in-person classes — your children can try virtual ballet classes, too! 


4. Ballet helps children build confidence

We all want our children to aim high and believe they can achieve anything they want. With practice and time — in all aspects of life — this is true. Determination and persistence are traits your little ones will develop when they take ballet classes. We won’t tell you the classes are always easy, because they can be physically demanding. However, your children will build confidence through their training. And yes, there will be failure along the way, but that isn’t a bad thing! As parents we should encourage failure. After all, you learn so much from it. 

By learning a brand new skill and seeing themselves progress, your kids will build up their self-esteem. By setting goals for themselves they’ll soon realize they can achieve anything they work hard at.


5. They can have fun

Ultimately the biggest benefit of taking up ballet classes is just how fun they are.

Even though the sessions are designed to challenge the children, it's carried out in a fun and supportive way. This is often done through a mixture of games and other activities.

Teachers will put an emphasis on having fun during each class. If they spot a child struggling, it’s common to receive 1 on 1 help to help them get back on track. They can also adapt sessions to cater to all ability levels.

But generally, children have fun when they're being active with friends. Ballet classes offer this and so much more.


Why all children should have ballet classes

As you can see, the benefits of ballet classes for children are huge. Not all parents understand just how much ballet can improve a child's life. Next time you’re looking for your child’s next activity, why not try a ballet class?

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