Can you believe we’ve almost finished another school year? There are so many things that need to get done at the end of the school year: preparing for final tests and assessments, performing in plays, getting ready for summer camp, and so much more. But, after a year of ups and downs like this one, it is also important to show your child’s teacher some appreciation for everything they have done.

What do teachers actually want? At Sawyer, we work with educators every day so we spoke with some to find out and help you choose the best end of year teacher gifts. We’ve even included a great downloadable printable card that your child can decorate and personalize for their teacher.

End of year teacher gifts

Personalized teacher gifts

Personalized teacher gifts are a great way to get your child’s teacher something that feels special. Whether you are giving them something sentimental or you are personalizing a useful item, like a water bottle or face mask, these end of year teacher gifts are sure to excite your child’s educator and give them something great to remember them by.

  1. Face mask. In this reality, personalized face masks are a great gift for teachers whether or not your school still mandates wearing them. At some point, they might need them again and your child’s teacher will appreciate having one that welcomes their students specifically to their class.
  2. Coffee tumbler. How do you think your child’s teacher is so upbeat every day? Coffee! These personalized coffee tumblers are a great end of year teacher gift because they can use them over the summer and during the next school year. The best gifts are useful gifts.
  3. Puzzle piece sign. This is a sentimental personalized gift that your child’s teacher will really love. If your child and their teacher have a good relationship, consider this beautiful gift that will let them know how much they mean to your child.
  4. Bookmark. This personalized bookmark has a wonderful message and if your child is a reader, their teacher will love the idea behind the gift. They will be able to use the gift and remember your child with every page they turn.
  5. Door sign. A teacher’s classroom should be welcoming for all students. This personalized door sign is a great way for your child’s teacher to bring in the new year for their next class. 
  6. Pencil box. The best teachers have a fully stocked desk. With this personalized pencil box, your child’s teacher will have a great place to put all of their back-to-school supplies for the new year. Plus, it will make it easier for their new students to remember their name!
  7. Tote bag. Another useful gift that your child’s teacher can use this summer and next fall. Teachers have so much to bring each day so a personalized tote bag is a gift that will help them time and again. They will keep thinking of you and your family for years to come!
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Preschool teacher gifts

Teachers for little ones deserve an end of year teacher gift and a long nap. Use this list of preschool teacher gifts to find the perfect present for your toddlers’ teacher this year.

  1. A planner. This is a great gift for a preschool teacher because they are always juggling a lot of balls. With the right planner, your child’s preschool teacher will feel ready and excited to meet each day.
  2. A laminator. Hear us out: a laminator might not be the most exciting or fun gift. But, for a preschool teacher, a laminator can be an incredible resource. Toddlers are messy and laminating helps preserve the many papers and signs that a preschool teacher uses. It’s eco-friendly and will help them save time throughout the year.
  3. A funny candle. Sometimes, the best end of year gift is a laugh. This candle, which says “Thanks for putting up with my kid” is a great way to say goodbye to a long year of preschool and hello to…a long summer with a toddler!
  4. This adorable shirt. How cute is this shirt that says, “It’s a great day to teach tiny humans”? Your child’s preschool teacher will smile every time they pull this shirt out of the drawer.
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Best gift cards for teachers

Let’s face it: sometimes the best gift is a gift card because then your child’s teacher can decide what they want to purchase with the funds. When we spoke to the educators on Sawyer, they reiterated that teachers love to receive gift cards that can help them in their professional and personal lives. 

If you decide to give a gift card this year for your end of year teacher gift, we have the perfect vehicle for your gift giving. You can download this free teacher appreciation card that your child can personalize and decorate! Your child’s teacher will love the sentimentality of the message and the practicality of the gift card.

Photo of free printable teacher appreciation card

Here are some of the best gift cards for teachers to receive this year.

  1. Bookshop gift card. Get your child’s teacher a gift card to Bookshop and watch them feed their own love of reading. Bookshop is a better way to buy books online because it supports local bookstores, instead of a huge conglomerate like Amazon.
  2. VISA gift card. Your child’s teacher can spend their VISA gift card on anything that they want. That’s the beauty of it. 
  3. Michaels gift card. If your child has a crafty teacher, then a Michaels gift card would be a great end of year teacher gift. Unfortunately, a lot of the funds for the great crafts that teachers create come out of their own pocket, so this Michaels gift card would make a serious dent in their annual budget next year.
  4. Office Depot gift card. Teachers can make a lot of use of a gift card to Office Depot and OfficeMax. Whether they are purchasing supplies for the classroom or themselves, this gift card will prove useful as they get ready for the new school year.
  5. Amazon gift card. Because of the fast shipping and large variety of products, many teachers use Amazon to supplement their classrooms and their daily lives. Therefore, many teachers prefer Amazon gift cards as their end of year gift.
  6. Starbucks gift card. Many teachers get Starbucks on their way to school at least once a week. If your child is old enough, ask them if they notice if their teacher drinks coffee before you get them a Starbucks gift card. If so, giving them a Starbucks gift card is a great way to get them something that they will actually use. 
  7. A gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop. Supporting local businesses is a gift to your community. Get your child’s teacher a gift card to one of the local coffee shops or restaurants in the neighborhood of the school. They might just find their new favorite spot!

We hope this list of end of year teacher gifts has inspired you and your family to show your child’s teacher how important they have been this year! We know that we would be nowhere without the wonderful teachers in our lives. If you are looking for exciting in-person and virtual camps and activities, check out what our educators are offering on Sawyer.