Choose your favorite color and celebrate it all day long! Whether you’re dressing up in that color, singing about it, or eating your favorite colored food (obviously green broccoli...), get ready for Color Day!

Finding it tough to choose just one? Choose a few or represent the entire rainbow! Let your creativity and uniqueness shine. Today’s activities are a mix of coloring, music, and movement games. 

Virtual Classes

WORK IT Themed Dance Class
4:00pm - 4:30pm EDT

The Golden Ticket
Lights, Camera, Acting!
10:00am - 3:00pm

Offline Classes

Color an Air Max

Help your little one master their colors by coloring an iconic Nike shoe...the Air Max! What colors will you choose to fill in the lines?

Clover Roll

Create a dice with 6 different colors. Each color corresponds to a movement. Keep rolling until you have done all the movements. Bonus activity: make up your own moves to correspond to each side of the dice! Download the printable pattern above!

Sawyer is teaming up with Nike Adventure Club for a week of fun! Today is Day 3, curious about what’s coming up this week? Check out the full schedule here

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