Let your unique superhero powers shine all day today! Spend the day creating your persona, honing your skills, training with your fellow superheroes, and saving the day. Unleash your creativity and discover the hero within you!

Feeling a little mischievous this Monday morning? Every hero needs a villain! Adapt all of our suggestions to fit your dastardly plans. Today’s activities are a mix of arts and crafts, exercise, and lots of dreaming big. Get ready for Hero Day!

Virtual Classes

Plant Power Ups
Food Heroes
11:00 - 11:30am EDT

Musical Theatre Fun with She-roes!
Treasure Trunk Theater
3:30pm - 4:00pm EDT

Offline Classes

Save the World Game

On a piece of paper, write the names of people who you want to save! It could be your sibling, your best friend, a stuffed animal, or a TV character! Have your grown up hide the names around the house and then set the superhero loose. If you’re feeling ambitious, set a timer to race against the clock! 

Feeling villainous? Swap the roles and “kidnap” the characters and hide them!

Hero Workout

Have your little one choose a super power for their superhero! Are they super fast? Do they blast lighting from their hands? Incorporate a move to go with them “activating” their power. Then have your child teach the super move. For example, if "Lightning Man" sticks out his hand to create lightning, the other children have to learn how to use the power and imitate that movement.

If you’re playing with multiple super heroes, encourage them to think about how their powers would work best together! Would they clash or would they collectively make individual powers stronger?

Sawyer is teaming up with Nike Adventure Club for a week of fun! Today is Day 1, curious about what’s coming up this week? Check out the full schedule here

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