Are you ready to become an ocean explorer? Lace-up some comfy shoes, toss on your shades of blue, and get ready to control the sea with games of seaweed tag, wave jumps, walrus races, and more on Ocean Day!

For today’s adventures, you’ll be crafting some aquatic partners in crime, getting exercise, and of course, using your big imagination!

Virtual Classes

Biology Class for Kids!
The Renaissance Child
10:00am - 11:00am EDT

Dance and Theatre
I Can Do That NYC
9:30am - 12:30pm EDT

Offline Classes

Boogie Board

Ready to get your indoor surf on? This game is all about balance and fun! Who will be the surfer...and who will be the sharks? Explore this activity to find out more!

Wave Jumps

Lay two ropes parallel to each other on the ground a foot apart. Jump the wave by jumping over the two ropes. Move the ropes slightly further away from each other and jump again. Keep jumping and moving your ropes until you “get wet” by not clearing the two ropes. Play it solo or challenge someone else!

Sawyer is teaming up with Nike Adventure Club for a week of  fun! Today is Day 2, curious about what’s coming up this week? Check out the full schedule here