Your child can be the next Harry Potter. Yes, your very own little one can cast spells like the famous wizard himself! They have it in them.

Don’t worry, they don't have to go all the way to Hogwarts to learn magic. They can do so in the comfort of your own home. Uncover children's favorite spells by reading on.

Be like Harry Potter with our favorite spells

The “Accico” spell

Early on in the alphabet, we have the "Accio" spell. This summoning charm instantly makes your life as a parent much easier. It brings any item they request to whoever says it.

The next time your child asks you for something, train them to say "Accio" directly before the item they want. That way you won't have to bring it to them.

The “Aguamenti” spell

Another top spell is the Aguamenti spell. It makes water out of thin air. Think of this as the Accio spell for when your child's thirsty or needs a bath or shower.

Imagine how much easier your life will be not having to quench your child's thirst. Picture all the water (and money) you'll save by not having to draw a bath daily!

The Expecto Patronum spell

This one is here for your child's next temper tantrum. Endless screaming, anyone? Whether they're going through the terrible twos or a bout of sadness, this spell will comfort them. All your child has to do is yell out this protective charm to channel their happiest memory.

Harry Potter used this spell to keep the soul-sucking Dementors away.

Harry the Muggle

In reality, your child may be a magically-challenged Muggle, but that doesn't stop them from doing unmagical activities.

One such activity is a maze. Print one of the many word scrambles, coloring sheets, weekly planners, or even the Sorting Hat quiz found online to give your kid(s) hours of fun.

Your child may be well under 21, but they're not too young to enjoy Butterbeer. Five at-home Butterbeer recipes await you so you can make basically the real thing. Your child will appreciate the recipe with only three ingredients.

Once you've brewed the Butterbeer, get the popcorn for a Harry Potter movie night. The movies are on Netflix and Amazon Prime. If your little ones aren't old enough to read the books, then a movie night's an especially good choice.

Children like to play with their hands. Good thing there are Harry Potter Legos for them to amuse themselves with! These provide endless hours of fun.


Harry Potter games for all

The Harry Potter franchise has been wildly successful. What began as a series of books turned into film adaptations and a global cultural phenomenon.

Children across the planet have believed in magic thanks to Harry and the gang. Maybe their parents have rediscovered the charm in their lives, too.

Harry Potter can bring your children joy. Introduce more happiness in your children's lives by signing them up for specialty classes today.