What’s inside a pie? Sugar, butter, flour — and a flavored filling at the center of it all.  

Whether you’re baking a pie or a pavlova, if you’ve ever explored the art of dessert you know that baking is an art and a science. Baking classes for kids can encourage a lifelong passion for the culinary arts and give children the room to experiment with recipes and food. The benefits of baking aren’t just creative! Measuring ingredients is a math exercise (hello, fractions) and baking can eloquently enrich a child’s vocabulary — think: folding in chocolate chips, letting a dish rise, or whisking ingredients together. 

Ready to get baking? Discover some of our favorite baking teachers or explore our favorite baking classes for kids on the Sawyer Marketplace.

Sprouts Cooking Club (Ages 0 mo - 18+)

Since 2006, Sprouts has been breathing fun into good food! This cooking school brings together youth and real chefs inside real restaurants and teaches kids to cook using real ingredients. Now, students can take Sprouts Cooking Club classes on Zoom. Discover baking classes that will help students master everything from galettes (or, open-faced fruit tarts) to flatbread!

Oui Chef (Ages 1.5 - 18+)

Learn to say “yes chef” in baking classes from this professional cooking facility designed to accommodate kids of varying ages and skill levels. Kids will feel like they are stepping into a professional kitchen and building skills to become a master chef. Most classes are 75 minutes long which allows for students to do individual work on recipes and chef instructors time to coach students on developing skills. 

Freshmade NYC (Ages 2 - 18+ yrs)

Freshmade was founded on the belief that the more time a child spends in the kitchen, the more curious and open they become about trying new ingredients. Classes are focused on perfecting individual recipes — like oven-baked donut holes, hot cocoa cookies, or gingersnap palmiers. Even picky eaters will love learning in these fun and friendly classes!

Frog Legs (Ages 3 - 18+)

Located in Washington State, Frog Legs began in 2007 as a small woman-led business that offered a cozy hands-on approach to cooking and baking. Now, Frog Legs offers in-person and virtual baking classes where children, teens, and adults can learn how to create baked goods like unicorn cakes and festive cranberry cobblers. Kids can expect to craft fun recipes sure to delight every member of the family!

The Dynamite Shop (Ages 7 - 18+)

In 2017, The Dynamite Shop was founded as a culinary social club for teens and ‘tweens (and their families) in a Park Slope, Brooklyn storefront by two award-winning chefs. In 2020, The Dynamite Shop’s cooking and baking clubs went online. These classes are perfect for budding bakers who hope to find their food niche, want to celebrate the diversity of their communities through cuisine, and develop positive relationships with food. 

From Scratch Bakers (Ages 4 - 18+)

Ambitious bakers, take note. Learn to make tasty desserts from scratch in virtual baking classes focused on recipes that are timeless and creative. Bakers can take classes inspired by their favorite dishes — or embark on learning new recipes with their peers! Recipes are carefully taught by Chef Arm, who can break down something as complex as pavlova into simple and delightful steps. 

Kids Can Cook School (Ages 5 - 18+) 

Cooking — and baking — with kids can be hard! Kids Can Cook School makes things easy. Discover baking classes that will teach little ones how to make specific recipes or enroll in a beginner, intermediate, or advanced baking class to help children grow their baking skills and refine their inner pastry chef.