Can you have a birthday party without a birthday cake? The answer is complicated. 

While not everyone has a sweet tooth, making a birthday cake is an important tradition. When a child bakes a homemade birthday cake or birthday treat for a loved one, they’ll learn how to celebrate the people they love and become a star baker in the process.

There is no perfect birthday cake recipe because no two people have the same definition of a perfect dessert. Experiment with easy birthday cake recipes, from funfetti cake perfect for a unicorn birthday party to chocolate cake pops designed for sharing. 

These recipes are kid-friendly. Worried about making a birthday treat by yourself? Get started by joining a virtual baking club, following a recipe, or taking an online class from an award-winning chef.  

Chocolate cake pops 

Learn: Recipe DIY

Ages:  Elementary School and older

Celebrate a birthday with cake pops! Making birthday cake pops is especially fun because it involves baking, crumbling, and dipping chocolate. Get ready to make a mess and have fun! Cake pops are perfect for kids because they are fun to make, decorate, and share. 

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Emoji cupcakes by Bake Austin

Learn: Online classes, digital dinner clubs, and more 

Ages: 4 - 18+ yrs

These emoji cupcakes are sure to make you smile. Learn how to make these delightful treats and more with Bake Austin. This enrichment program for kids and adults was founded by Pascal Simon, a Pastry Chef from the prestigious Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Classes are designed to bring communities together through baking. These virtual classes are perfect for social butterflies who want to make friends and learn a new skill in the process. 

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Apple hand pies from Freshmade NYC

Learn: Online classes, recipes, and more

Ages: Ages 2 - 18+ yrs

Bake birthday cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, and more with the teaching chefs at Freshmade NYC. Online baking classes will have your child baking independently in no time. They also offer baking classes for adults, so the whole family can brush up on their baking skills! 

Bonus: the Freshmade blog has easy and free recipes. We’d recommend baking Apple Hand Pies for the pie-lover in your life. 

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Homemade funfetti cake 

Learn: DIY Recipe from two peas and their pod 

Ages: Elementary school and older

One word: sprinkles! This cake is perfect for a unicorn-themed birthday party or for a child obsessed with bright colors. The simple recipe could be followed by a child, or baked in tandem with a parent.  

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I love you bery much cupcakes by From Scratch Bakers

Learn: Online classes 

Ages:  4 - 18+ yrs

Do you love cupcakes berry much? Make a birthday treat in a class with From Scratch Bakers. Kids will develop skills that will make them feel empowered and confident in the kitchen while developing new skills and etiquette that will last a lifetime! Chef Arm has coached award-winning students and works with kids at all levels and abilities. 

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Banana bread from The Dynamite Shop

Ages: 7 - 18+ yrs

Learn: Online classes, virtual clubs, recipes, and more

Ages: Ages 2 - 18+ yrs

Make a birthday banana bread breakfast and start the day with cake! Children looking to develop baking skills can join the Dynamite Baking Club, a new online baking class for kids ages 7-15 that delivers essential baking lessons and techniques and culminates in a delicious treat for the whole family. The Dynamite Shop also offers classes in other culinary arts.

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