There’s something to love about every educator on Sawyer. With countless new classes and camps to try, teachers to learn from, and unique ways to enjoy making memories with friends — falling in love with learning has never been easier. Whether your family is feeling inspired to take a new style of dance class or test their cooking skills, there are hundreds of activities ready to be discovered on Sawyer. 

Every provider and activity has a great heart that parents can simply tap to favorite and add to a list. If you find yourself coming back to the same class or educator again-and-again — or inspired to test new activities — you can use our favorites feature to organize, share, and save activities for later. 

Discover why using favorites is a great way to make booking activities quick and easy. 

How favorites work: 

Step 1. Add favorites and name your first list

Every provider and activity has a great heart. Simply tap to add your favorites to a list. It only takes one click. You can customize list names for easy browsing in the future — some of our favorite list ideas are wishlist classes, dream summer camp, favorite teachers, and family favorites! 

Step 2. Organize and share with friends 

You can make a list for whatever you want - one for each child, activity, or time. Think of lists as Pinterest boards for classes. You can share lists of educators and activities with friends with a shareable public link. 

Step 3. Save lists for later

Not sure if you’re ready to book? Use favorites to save an activity or educator for later. This is perfect for days when you’re researching summer camp options or afterschool activities but aren’t quite ready to book. 

How the Sawyer community uses favorites:  

Ilana Wiles (@mommyshorts) researches and curates activities for her 8-year-old daughter 

📍 New York, New York 

Ilana is a working mom based in New York City with two daughters, 8-year-old Harlow and 10-year-old Mazzy. Ilana’s top parenting blog Mommy Shorts highlights parenting, baby memes, personal stories, and her life as a mom to two girls. Illana's parenting advice has also appeared on publications like Pop Sugar and People!  We love it for its heartfelt reflections on being a mom, interviews, and fun curation of activities and books for kids!

Ilana created a favorites list for her daughter Harlow, who loves all things dance and baking. Researching and planning semester-long classes and camps allows Illana to plan for her family’s busy schedule, and keep Harlow happy and busy in fun activities from providers like Sugarsuckle and Twinkle Toes Dance! Discover Harlow’s favorite classes and start creating favorites lists for your family. 

👉 Favorite Classes for Harlow (Age 8)

Courtney Bryne (@thechirpingmoms) curates classes for her five kids 

📍 Cranford, New Jersey 

Courtney is based in New Jersey and runs the parenting blog The Chirping Moms, where she chronicles her adventures with her five children: Maggie, Alexandra, Tommy, Miles, and Teddy. What began as a blog to share recipes, craft ideas, and travel tips with friends grew to become a community of moms across the United States. 

Courtney is an expert at planning activities for the entire family — so we asked her to curate activities that would work for families with multiple children of all ages! Discover her lists for multiple children below. 

👉 Favorite Classes for Maggie (Age 9) & Alexandra (Age 10)  

👉 Favorite Classes for Tommy (Age 5) & Miles (Age 6)

👉 Favorite Classes for 10-month-old Teddy 

Joy Green (@joyfullygreen) plans activities and camps perfect for playdates

📍 Houston, Texas 

Joy Green is a Houston, Texas-based blogger who chronicles the daily life of her family of four, cats, and her pursuit of renovating her dream home on Joyfully Green. With two children 1-year-old Bodhi and 5-year-old Kai, Joy’s blog is a love letter to being a creative mom. Her family is always on the lookout for fun, especially activities the family can enjoy together or with friends. 

We asked Joy to curate classes that her children would love and that could be perfect for virtual playdates! Joy curated classes inspired by princesses, unicorns, and yoga! Discover her lists below and share them with your family’s favorite playdates. 

👉 Favorite Princess-Inspired Classes for Kai (Age 5)

👉 Favorite Classes for Bodhi (age 1)

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