Name: Rachel Mansfield

Occupation: Cookbook author, Recipe Developer, Podcast Host

Children: Ezra Benjamin

What’s your favorite kid-friendly brunch spot in your neighborhood?

Can my kitchen count? ;-) We usually make breakfast at home as it is our family’s favorite weekend tradition (pancakes, waffles, anything!) And head out to an early dinner at Dozzino.

Favorite playgrounds in your area?

Columbus park in Hoboken!

What are your children’s favorite activities?

Eating and going on the swings!

Two foods your little one(s) are obsessed with?

Ezra truly loves every single food he has had, but avocado was his first food and he still gets so excited when he sees one coming his way. Ez also really loved the homemade smash cake I made for his birthday.

What are three things you always pack for your child when you go on vacation?

SNACKS, 2 favorite toys of the moment and goodnight moon.

What are you the strictest about when it comes to parenting?

I have been told by many I am a really laid back mama. But I do prefer to only feed Ez organic/non-GMO when food is in my control.

Favorite quick child friendly dinner recipe?

OH my easy healthy mac + cheese! Plus it is gluten-free

What’s your favorite way to unwind?

Bath and some mindless television.

Best mom hack?  

FOOD PREP! And sleep training.

Favorite rainy-day activity...

Baking! Always.

The funniest thing your child has said to you..

Ez doesn’t talk fully yet (he just turned 12 months) but he does call me da-da a lot ;-)

My favorite part about being a parent is...

Seeing the look of nothing but pure love and excitement from Ezra the moment I walk into the room.

One thing you miss about your pre-parenting life...

Having any downtime to do nothing. And the freedom to do what I wanted whenever (like most parents ha!). 

What do you do when your children go to bed?

A couple hours of work with my current fave TV show in the back then bed!

Favorite bedtime book is...  

Goodnight moon!

Best tantrum tactic is...

Scream back! (kidding) we haven’t had to experience this too badly yet. But whenever ezra falls and hits his head, I always act like nothing happened and he’s okay so he doesn’t get as worked up.

Favorite parenting reads (books, blogs, sites)...

Surprisingly I don’t have one. But I do love all of the funny mama memes on Instagram.