Strolling around Farmers Markets on the weekend is a ritual for a lot of families. Whether you’re going to stock up on local produce, or just to get some fresh air outside, the excursion can be a great adventure for you and your little ones. Plus, fun in the sun on weekends is always our priority!

In the midst of busy vendors, hungry customers, and loads of fresh fruits and veggies, there are also plenty of teachable moments for your little ones at farmers markets. For starters, they’re bustling hubs of sustainability, and showcase all of the great products that are grown near you!

We know that filling your pantry with fresh and local food is great, but there’s also SO much more you can do next time you’re at the market. We’ve put together a scavenger hunt that you can play with your little ones. We’ve created lessons and games revolving around 3 key factors: food (of course!), geography, and sustainability. For each of the teachable tasks we’ve also provided talking points and fun facts that you can discuss while searching. And don’t worry, we’ll start with the easy ones! At the bottom of the page you’ll see two printable guides that you can save on your phone for when you’re walking around with your family.

1. Find something green

2. Find something yellow

3. Find something blue

4. Find something red

5. Find something you have never tasted before

6. Find something you have tasted before

7. Find a vegetable that’s bigger than your hand

8. Find a fruit that’s smaller than your hand

9. Find the BIGGEST fruit you can

10. Find the SMALLEST vegetable you can

Download this guide to print or for on your phone!


Those were the easy ones! Let’s up the challenge a bit, and get learning, too!

11. Find one vegetable that grows underneath the ground

Root vegetables like carrots, beets, and potatoes grow underground. The root stores energy for the plant, which means you get energy when you eat one. This is what makes you feel strong!

12. Find one vegetable that grows above the ground

Vegetables can sprout above ground with strong roots holding them up!

13. Find something that grows on a vine

These fruits start as what’s known as a “seed pod”, and you can easily see them when you open them up. Take a tomato for example - so many seeds inside!

14. Find a flower a bee might land on

Honey bees are important pollinators. This means that they help other plants grow! Because of this, bees are very important to our planet. In fact, ⅓ of the world’s food production depends on bees. That means every yummy third spoonful of food you eat relies on pollination!

15. Find something green that’s a fruit!

While we normally associate “green” as veggies, it’s not always true! Anything with seeds in it is a fruit! A cucumber is a great example of this.

16. Find something red that’s a vegetable!

While there are a lot of fruits that are red, there are a ton of veggies that are, too! Red veggies are super healthy for you. Beets, bell peppers, and onions are great examples.

17. Find a fruit or vegetable that was grown close to your home

Many farmers market stands will show the state or region their food was grown. This is a great chance to talk to your kids about geography, and talk about how buying food that’s grown closer to home is better for the environment.

18. Find a tote bag with a fun graphic on it

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to a farmers market, you’re going to see a lot of tote bags. While this may sound like an easy one to find, it’s more important to talk to your little ones about the importance of reusable bags. Plastic bags are used for only an average of 12 minutes, and Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year. The scarier part? Only 1% of these are returned for recycling.

Download this guide to print or for on your phone!

Although Farmers Markets are a great place to stock up on fresh and local produce, sometimes the family outing can be a bit tiring - especially if it's a hot day! We hope this scavenger hunt is a fun way to mix up the routine while learning about food and sustainability. If your little one shows extra interest in food, there are SO many great cooking activities we love. You can find tons of virtual class options here. Make sure to check out our friends at Freshmade in NYC, Oui Chef in Chicago, and Culinary Kids in LA for adventures in food!

And don't forget to save the guides below so you can play on the move!