Students who participate in some sort of creative activity are four times more likely to excel in academic subjects. Despite that, art programs have been cut from schools around the country even though they help students improve in other subjects. That doesn’t seem fair — does it? While we can’t control school budgets, we can control the types of extracurricular programs our children explore! 

Recently, we’ve gotten hooked on film! And no, we’re not just talking about why Frozen is much more than a movie. Film classes are a great way to get involved in the arts and children will benefit a lot from them. Keep reading to learn more. 


1. Explore new technology 

Film classes will expose children to new technologies and equipment to help them create projects that are fun and engaging. Did someone say...bring those TikToks to a new level?

Students learn about different types of cameras, microphones, editing software, and lighting equipment. Film classes can help students achieve their vision with proper guidance. And rest assured, parents, you can feel confident about putting your child in film classes because they'll learn valuable skills to put on their resumes! 

These skills are great for those students who want to go on to be filmmakers or cinematographers. They can also be applied to all kinds of career paths in the future. 


2. Team work 

Film classes for kids are a great way for students to learn how to work well with others. Any film project is a group effort that requires complete dedication from every member to achieve the desired results. 

Learning to collaborate with others is a crucial life skill that should be learned early in life. Film classes will teach students how to communicate their ideas to a group of people (and how to listen to others as well). 

Learning about teamwork instills in students the idea that things can't be achieved without everyone doing their part. Film classes can also teach students about social interaction and how to connect with others who have similar interests. 


3. Constructive criticism is welcomed

We all want our children to be the best at everything they do! However, this doesn’t leave much room for improvement or growth. You may not believe it, but failing is okay — you learn a lot from it. 

Film classes are a great place to have experts examine your work and receive criticism that can help your children find new ways of expressing an idea. Students have the opportunity to experiment and try new techniques without the pressure of having to be perfect. Trying something new without any prior knowledge is the only way to keep getting better. 


4. Creative expression 

A film photography class is a great option for students to express their creativity. Arts programs have proven time and time again to help students excel in other school subjects and areas of life. Film studies is a great avenue to get children interested in the arts. 

They'll learn about all the great work behind some of their favorite movies and learn to love other projects they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. A film class will teach children how to take an idea or feeling and turn it into something beautiful and meaningful. Creative expression is a vital part of a child's development and a film class is a perfect opportunity for creativity. 


5. Different points of view

Another great thing film classes will teach children is to open their eyes to different points of view. Learning about different filmmakers will teach students about the techniques used to make all kinds of great films. 

The collaborative process of making film content will also expose students to different points of view. They'll learn how to listen to ideas they hadn't considered before. 

Learning to listen to different points of view is crucial for school and other areas of life. It teaches children how to think critically, how to approach a problem and find solutions, and how to have empathy for others. 


6. Time management 

Online film classes of any kind will teach children the very important skill of time management. Film classes are a great form of creative expression. They're also something that requires following very specific guidelines and time limits. 

Working on a film project and collaborating with others is a great way for students to practice dividing tasks. It's also a great way to learn how to manage their time to finish everything before deadlines come up. 

This is a crucial skill that children will need throughout the rest of their life — especially in higher education (we’re looking at projects).


7. Goal setting 101

Learning a new skill is all about putting in the hours. The work students will get to do in a film class will teach them how to set goals and what is required to achieve those goals. 

Goal setting is the key to success in anything they do, so learning about this important practice will help students learn that hard work will lead to rewards. 


The best lessons kids will learn in film classes

Film classes are a great way to get children interested in an art form that can help them tell their own stories. These classes will teach children how to express themselves creatively and how to work with others to achieve a common goal.

Make sure to check out the rest of our blog to get some inspiration for other activities your little ones can try! From baking to painting, they’ll be able to find a class on Sawyer.  

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