There are some days where getting little ones moving is easy-as-pie. On other days, it might be hard to get kids away from screens. Online exercise videos are a wonderful way to get kids moving — and can help children and adults alike strengthen muscles, bones, and overall aerobic health. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children ages 6 to 17 engage in at least an hour of exercise per day. Physical activity also has brain health benefits for children, including improved academic performance, stronger memory, and reduced symptoms of depression. Becoming active at a young age can carry into adulthood — it’s never too early to encourage healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re stuck inside due to bad weather, remote learning, or simply want to encourage kids to get active, you can use exercise videos to get moving at home. We’ve curated some of our favorite exercise classes for kids below! 

Heart-pumping gym and aerobics 

obé fitness classes for kids

Exercise classes from fitness application Obé are a candy-colored dream for adults and children alike. Sessions are fun, short, and feature hit music that kids will know and love. Obé has extensive class options for every member of your family.

National Kids Gym

Exercise videos and classes from this Philadelphia based gymnastics studio offer energetic gymnastics classes that keep kids moving. Parents can find interactive classes and YouTube videos that focus on skill development increased coordination and balance, and increased confidence! 

FunFit Kids

Discover online exercise classes and videos from FunFit Kids, a New York City-based program structured around the needs of kids. Although these classes aren’t prerecorded, they are great options for children who need one-on-one attention from coaches. This program is special because their lessons ensure that our little athletes will have the proper fundamental tools to play a variety of sports, gain confidence, and maintain an active lifestyle.

Youth Exercise: Zoofari Fun

From the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), this YouTube video shows families how to create a fun and unique exercise for kids via a ‘Zoofari.’ Children will be encouraged to play dress up and have fun. This is a great exercise video for kids 2-to-5 years old.  

Mindful movement and yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Discover yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation exercise videos for kids on Cosmic Kids Yoga’s Youtube Channel. With nearly one million subscribers, these classes are beloved by families all over the world. Children will benefit from interactive video adventures that build strength, balance, and confidence — and get kids into yoga and mindful movement early!

Buddha Belly Yoga

Buddha Belly Yoga is a Chicago-based mobile yoga company dedicated to nurturing kids' innate desire for movement and play. This yoga company offers videos and guides that go along with daily classes for children in preschool and elementary school. This style of play-based education incorporates traditional yoga poses, sequences, and relaxation techniques to deepen participants' self-awareness. 

Dance: breakdance, ballet, and more! 

KBL Studios 

KBL Studios was established as the global headquarters of the Kids Breaking League — a program that uses breakdancing to change lives, one headspin at a time. Breakdancing exercise classes help children break out of their shells, become confident, and learn about themselves and how they interact with others. Exercise videos take the form of online classes, which help children feel like they’re part of a national community of dancers. 

Twinkle Toes Dance Company

Take an online dance class through Twinkle Toes Dance Company! This California-based dance studio offers interactive exercise videos for aspiring dancers of all ages. Discover Zumba, ballet, jazz, and company-level classes for kids who want to get moving. 

Pancake Manor - Shake Break

This 11-minute exercise and movement dance song video compilation feature puppets and original music that will help children take a brain break and get dancing. It’s silly, fun, and unstructured movement time that every child will love!

Parkour and circus videos

The Movement Creative 

The Movement Creative is a play-based program founded by the first generation of parkour practitioners in New York City. Programs and videos aren’t just about physical fitness! With all-ages classes and workshops, these videos and classes promote social and emotional growth through circle discussions and reflections so our students learn how to communicate their feelings and build empathy. Families can purchase memberships for access to in-person activities and online exercise videos. 

The Actors Gymnasium

If your child is especially adventurous and free-spirited, consider trying a circus-inspired exercise video. Founded in 1995, The Actors Gymnasium is one of the nation’s premier circus and performing arts training centers. Online exercise videos focus on teaching children the fitness and conditioning skills required to take their athletic endeavors to new heights  — think, trapeze, aerials, silks, and more. 

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