Finding fun and thoughtful Father’s Day gifts from kids can feel difficult. Maybe you want to find something that lets the fathers, uncles, grandpas, older brothers, and father figures in your lives know how important they are. Or maybe you want a gift that is useful - something they will actually enjoy and employ in their day-to-day lives. You could also be looking for something that makes them laugh.

Whatever your goal this June 19th, the team at Sawyer is here to make it easy for you to find and create Father’s Day gifts from kids. Keep reading to get some great ideas, including a Father’s Day printable that you can download and decorate before giving, and some awesome Father’s Day crafts for kids.

Father’s Day gifts from kids

If you are looking for classic Father’s Day gifts from kids, you should start by thinking about what the father figure in your child’s life enjoys doing each day. Do they love cooking, reading, or playing a specific sport? Can you get them something useful that will improve their life like a great water bottle, fun cookbook, or book of the month subscription? If you can add a personalized touch to the gift, that makes it even better!

To help you get started on your search, here are some Father’s Day gifts from kids that the families at Sawyer are giving this year.

  • For the puzzle lover. This puzzle features a fun photo of your child and their father. While the options are for 130 or 252 pieces, so a real puzzle master dad might not find it that challenging, your child and their father figure will have a blast putting it together as a team.
  • For the coffee drinker. Take your child’s masterpiece and have it printed on a mug for their father or father figure to sip the sweet caffeinated elixir from each morning. Your child will get a kick out of seeing their art in real life. Pair the mug with some great coffee grounds and you’ll have a perfect present.
  • For the homebody. If you have a toddler at home, this gift is a great Father’s Day gift from them. Matching slippers for Dad and your toddler can help both of them be more comfy at home and will make for some great family pictures
  • For the chef. This cookbook, “Dad and Me Fun in the Kitchen”, will make for incredible bonding moments between your child and their father figure. With recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, your little one and their Dad can get started right away.
Photo of Father's Day gifts from kids

Father’s Day printable

If you are looking for a great Father’s Day printable to add to your gift or serve as a last minute present for a father figure in your family’s life, there are lots of great options online. Try one of these Father’s Day printable ideas this year.

  • Printable Father’s Day card. No gift is complete without a card! We’ve created these customizable Father’s Day cards that can be printed, decorated, and then cut out to go with any gift you choose to give. 
  • Dad joke sheet. Is it really Father’s Day without some great dad jokes? We don’t think so. You can print out this dad joke sheet and your child can decorate before you give it to the dads and father figures in your family. Get the groans ready!
  • Father’s Day “Dad libs” (Mad libs). This is a fun fill-in-the-blank Mad libs style printable that’s all about Dad! Enjoy with the whole family and maybe include some of the dad jokes from the book.
  • Father’s Day coupon book. Print the blank coupons out and have your child fill them out for a quick and easy Father’s Day gift.
Photo of Father's Day printable card

Father’s Day crafts for kids

Whether you want to give something homemade by your child as a gift or you are just looking for ideas to keep the little ones busy during family time on Sunday, these Father’s Day crafts for kids will do the job. Just remember to keep an eye on the smaller children to make sure they do not swallow any of the little buttons or decorations.

  • Origami shirt cards. These cards are cute little works of art and they aren’t too difficult for your child to manage. Get the full instructions here. Learn more about the benefits of learning origami for kids in our article.
  • Rock dad. This is a great Father’s Day craft for kids because it gets them some outdoor play, too. First, have your child scour the backyard or local park for rocks. Then, set them up with paper, glue, and paints and let them create a rock version of their dad, grandpa, uncle, big bro, or father figure. Once they’re done, help them write “My dad rocks” on the card. Cute art and a dad joke? Can’t go wrong!
  • Popsicle stick picture frames. Have your child decorate and color or paint four popsicle sticks. Then, put them together to make a square frame, which you can fill with a picture of your child and their dad. If you have some extra magnets, feel free to glue them to the back and then stick the frame up on the fridge.
  • “Stay cool” koozie. Get some craft foam and cut it a little smaller and wider than a can. Have your child decorate the foam for their father or father figure, then attach the 2 ends to make a koozie. Now their dad will always remember to stay cool!
Photo of Father's Day crafts for kids

We hope these ideas for Father’s day gifts from kids have given you the inspiration you need to celebrate the dads and dad-figures in your child’s life this year. If you are looking for more spring crafts for kids, check out the online and in-person activities and camps that our wonderful educators are offering on Sawyer!