Tis’ the season for indoor activities! Not to mention, holiday plans for everyone have changed, so odds are your family will be home much more than usual this season. Try these fun indoor activities for children to keep them entertained! 

Indoor games for children ages 0 - 4:

1. Pin the nose on Rudolph

This birthday party game gets a new spin during the holiday season. You already have everything you need for this game at home as well. Your little ones will have a blast trying to pin the nose on Rudolph!

2. Snowman bowling

It’s time to make use of those empty bottles. Have your children help dress up your bottles like snowmen and set them up like bowling pins. Grab a wiffle ball and let the good times roll!

3. Candy cane hunt

You can bring a little joy to your child’s Christmas by setting up a candy cane hunt. Hide candy canes strategically around the house and let your little ones run free on a hunt. Let each one of the children keep the candy canes they collect for some added fun. 

4. Christmas tree ball sorting

Your children will love this Christmas sorting game made out of cardboard, poster board, a yardstick, zip ties, construction paper, ball pit balls, and a basket. Use this tutorial to show how to put the game together. 

Indoor games for children ages 4 - 8:

5. Christmas List

It’s an age-old tradition that will keep your children entertained and let you know what they want from Santa. Make sure you address it to the North Pole and get it in the mail before the big day!

6. Christmas obstacle course

This is an easy and fun way to keep your children busy on a cold winter day. Set up Christmas-themed obstacles through the house and see who can complete the course the fastest.

7. Christmas memory

Use a marker to draw shapes and letters on the bottom of Hershey Kisses. Arrange them like you would for the game Memory and have your children take turns finding matches. As an added bonus, let your little ones eat their Hershey Kisses each time they find a match. 

8. Christmas bingo

All you need to do is print out these free Christmas Bingo cards. Use candy as markers and watch your children have hours of fun!

Indoor games for children ages 8 - 12:

9. Snowman drawing game

It’s time to get out the paper plates and markers! Challenge the family to draw a snowman while holding a paper plate on their head. The results are sure to bring some smiles and laughter. 

10. Hit the grinch

Put a Grinch face on a green balloon and place it somewhere in the house. Get out the Nerf guns and let your little ones take turns trying to hit the Grinch. This can also make for a great movie night activity!

11. Candy cane hook em’ game

This is a fun game for the entire family. See who can hook the most candy canes. Check out the free tutorial here. 

12. Saran wrap game

Wrap up some dollar bills, small toys, some lumps of coal in layers of saran wrap. Every player gets to unwrap a layer and see if they reveal something great or something not so great. This is an exciting game for the entire family to play around the dinner table!

Indoor games for children ages 12+

13. Christmas charades

Write down some Christmas themed movies, songs and phrases and split into teams. Each team will guess what their player is trying to act out. If your team guesses right, you get a point. The team with the most points at the end of ten rounds wins!

14. Christmas trivia

This is a fun game for your children to play together. Think up some holiday themed trivia questions and type them out on paper for them to fill out. To make it more exciting, add some questions from some of the family’s favorite holiday movies.

15. Christmas scent game

Get out five mason jars or other containers and fill them with different holiday scents, like peppermint and cinnamon. Blindfold each player and see who can guess the most correctly. 

16. Christmas character guess who

Make your own version of the classic game Guess Who and make it a fun family night. Did your character’s heart grow three sizes?

Your children won’t be bored in the cold weather now. For even more great ways to keep your children entertained and learning check out these holiday classes.

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