It's not news to any of us that the jobs of the future will be entirely different than today. In fact, they might be so different that many people who are in jobs they imagined to be secure and for life, might not be so. 

How can we as parents ensure that our children choose a job which would have better prospects than the typical jobs on the market right now? Well, in all reality, it’s tough to predict — but there are signs!

Scratch classes are a great way to introduce your child to programming easily and ensure a bright and secure future for them. This is because computing occupations are the #1 source of new wages in America, and this trend isn't going to change anytime soon. Read on to see why Scratch classes are the best bet for you and your child.

Scratch classes are a great way to introduce programming to your child

If you aren't sure what Scratch programming is, it's a free block-based programming tool that has been built for and targeted towards children. The audience ranges from the age of 6 to 10 years old, which is primary and elementary students. 

Because it's a visually-based programming approach, it's easier for children to grasp it, and to learn to love it. With Scratch, children can code interactive stories, or games, and even animations.

The great thing about Scratch is that there’s an online community of Scratch users that is brimming with new creations so that each new Scratch user can see what the potential of Scratch could be. This motivates them and inspires them to learn faster.


Scratch teaches your child emotional intelligence and teamwork

The great thing about Scratch is its collaborative nature.

This ensures that even though your child might be sitting in front of a computer all day, they’ll still be able to interact with and build relationships with others. 

Instead of spending time playing other multiplayer games to socialize, children can spend their time on building games and animations. And build the foundation for their future career as well. Isn’t that a win-win?

Even if your child  likes to spend all their time in their room playing games, you can use that to your advantage, and build their talent at programming interactive games, and more. After all, we’ve gotten less relaxed about screen time limits.


Scratch teaches children about the importance of strategy and planning

One of the paramount skills that working adults need are the ability to strategize and plan. The great thing about Scratch classes is that it teaches children a four-step approach to plan, design, code, and present, as part of the activity. 

It might seem like it's too complicated for a child's brain to comprehend, but because of Scratch's interactive and game-like nature, even children can understand the intricacies of the four-step approach.

Jobs of the future won't only require learning to code. Your child will become a more well-rounded individual, by learning how to build a product, and then present it to a community of programmers. 

They will start building a valuable skill set of public speaking as well, which is of great importance in any corporate environment. 


Learning scratch opens doors to new job opportunities

Jobs in programming are the wave of the future it seems. In fact, even now, Computer Science is the 4th major choice of students bound for college. 

Of course, it’s difficult to predict, but jobs of the future are going to be based on esoteric subjects such as robotics, or data science, and so on. Learning to code will become a crucial and indispensable skill for the future. 

Scratch classes are an easy and fun way for you to bring the joys and future prosperities of programming jobs to your child, starting now. 

Scratch programming builds on your child's natural creativity 

Children are natural-born creatives. They’re always looking for new ways to do things. Why not use their innate talents for creativity and curiosity to their advantage?

Scratch classes are a great way for you to build upon your child's creativity and direct them into a life of critical thinking! While watching cartoons is great (don’t get us wrong), it’s so beneficial to use screen time for productive activities! 


Scratch classes help you direct your child's energy towards good

Scratch classes are an easy, fun, and interactive way to get your child learning useful skills that will prompt them to think critically, creatively, and develop a love for STEM programming at an early age.

It's time to start moving them slowly towards the goal post of success!

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