Mother’s Day is a time to honor, celebrate, and spend time with family. No matter what you consider family, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to spread love and gratitude to those who help our children grow.

At Sawyer, we are on a mission to help families find wonderful educators that will inspire their children in their neighborhoods and online. That’s because we know how busy parents are and we want to make it as easy as possible for children to discover their own love of learning. 

To celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, big sisters, and caregivers who tirelessly work day after day with their children, we’ve rounded up some great kids crafts for Mother’s Day and included Mother’s Day gifts from kids like printable coupons and more!

Mother’s Day crafts for kids

Whether you want to get your children ready for Mother’s Day by creating crafts to give as gifts or if you are spending some family time together on Sunday and looking to keep the little ones entertained, these Mother’s Day crafts for kids will get the job done. Plus, there are so many benefits of art for kids, including stronger motor skills, increased creativity, and more empathy. Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day crafts for kids of all ages.

  1. Make flowers out of paper. Make Mom a bouquet that lasts forever by crafting it out of paper. Use our guide to help you get started.
  2. Create origami hearts, swans, and more. The caregiver in your child’s life will swoon over a beautiful origami art piece. Learn more about the benefits of origami for kids.
  3. Decorate a picture frame. This is one of our favorite Mother’s Day crafts for toddlers and younger children. You can purchase an unfinished picture frame from Michael’s for $1 and then let your child have fun with paints, markers, sparkles, tissue paper, and more! Don’t forget to fill it with a beautiful photo of your child and their mom.
  4. Paint a flower pot. If there’s a caregiver in your child’s life who has a green thumb, a hand painted flower pot is a great Mother’s Day craft. Interested in gardening with kids? Check out our guide!
  5. Fingerprint hearts. This is another great Mother’s Day craft for toddlers and little hands. Have your little one dip their fingers in red, pink, and white paint to make a heart out of their fingerprints. You can use it as the front of a Mother’s Day card or give it as an art piece. Looking for more heart crafts? Try making hearts out of paper, too!
Photo of Mother's Day crafts for kids

Printable Mother’s Day crafts

If you are looking for inspiration to get the ball rolling on your kids crafts for Mother’s Day, try these printable Mother’s Day crafts.

  1. Mother’s Day coloring page. Looking for something fun to hang on the fridge? This downloadable coloring page is a great option.
  2. Mom questionnaire. This downloadable questionnaire will turn the tables and have the child asking their mom questions instead of the other way around. Moms will love the opportunity to share their lives with their child and little ones will love learning about their moms.
  3. Coffee cup crafts. This printable is a design that your child can decorate and then wrap around a coffee cup so the caregivers in your child’s life can enjoy their coffee in a new way.

Mother’s Day cards for kids

Making your own Mother’s Day card is a great way to have your child create something beautiful for the moms and mom-figures in their lives while getting the opportunity to write (or dictate to an adult depending on their age) their feelings. Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day cards for kids to get you started.

  1. Super Mom. Use this printable Mother’s Day card to help your child tell the moms and mom-figures in their lives why they are superheroes. They can color the card and fill in the blanks.
  2. 3D Mother’s Day card. With help from adults, children can decorate, cut out, and put together this 3D Mother’s Day card.
  3. Butterfly handprint card. Trace and cut out your child’s hand 2 different times on colored cardstock paper and then cut out a cylinder in a different color, which acts as the body of the butterfly. Then, let your child decorate with pom poms, markers, sparkles, pipe cleaners, and more. Write a nice note on the other side to share your love and gratitude.
  4. Poem card. If you have an older child, they can write a poem for their mom and put it on the front or inside of a card. They will love the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and their mom will love seeing their child’s heart on the page.
Photo of Mother's Day cards for kids

Mother’s Day gifts from kids

Homemade gifts are a special way for children to show moms, grandmas, aunts, older sisters, and all of the important people in their lives how much they mean to them. Use these ideas for Mother’s Day gifts from kids, including printable coupons, to make this the best Mother’s Day yet!

  1. Mother’s Day coupons. These printable and customizable Mother’s Day coupons are the perfect gift from children. They can fill it out themselves with items like chores with no grumbling, foot rubs, and after dinner cleanup or they can use the ideas we’ve already provided. 
  2. Framed pressed flowers. Pick flowers with your child and then press them between books or anything heavy. You can microwave them if they are being pressed between something heat resistant (like pots or pans) to speed up the process. Then, put them between the glass on a picture frame and give a beautiful gift.
  3. Rock paperweights. First, head outside with your child and find some medium-sized round stones. Then, decorate them with paint, fabric, sparkles, and anything else to create a beautiful paperweight that their mom will cherish for years.
Photo of Mother's Day gifts from kids

We hope these kids crafts for Mother’s Day have given you the inspiration you need to celebrate the mom and mom-figures in your child’s life this year. If you are looking for more spring crafts for kids, check out the online and in-person activities and camps that our wonderful educators are offering on Sawyer!